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  • REE-REE "REE" - Red Running Shoe by Mizuno, the best shoe I have ever wornMizuno's Red Running Shoe is fantastic. I ordered a 10 1/2 Wide in Women's (US).
    The shoe fits comfortably and my walking has improved. I have fun wearing my shoes all over town. I usually wear size in shoes, but I ordered the running shoe in 10 1/2. I wear my shoes with socks while walking or exercising.
  • kjc2001 - It worked for me!I received a free sample of this product from smiley360.com and kept in my medicine drawer for a future use as I do not get cold sores often. When I do, they last at least 1-2 weeks and are sometimes painful. In the past I have used Abreva and the sore still lasted 1-2 weeks using the product constantly.
    I was able to use this product the other night as I saw a small sore pop up and while I am not 100% sure it was a true cold sore coming on it sure felt like one so I broke open the vile and applied it like noted on the instructions. The next morning it was GONE!

    I would highly recommend this product for your cold sores. I will be buying this in the future!
  • G. Joseph - works perfectlyOk i was really nervous after reading all the reviews of wi-fi issues etc since Im in india for now so i couldn't really return it if it was messed up.

    I ordered it a month ago an it was sitting in my in-laws place for 2 weeks before i got it. It was completely dead. I plugged it in and within a few minutes it started up.

    I must of gotten a newer one since it already had ICS 4.0 when i checked.

    There were a few setup steps but it recognized the wi-fi with no issues. big relief

    The only SMALL issue i had was with setting of the time. I configured it to automatically to set the time based on my location but the system didn't know that until I powered it completely off and turned it back on.

    other than that one little issue its been a dream to use.

    I used it the first day with about only 50% charge the whole time while it was charging. I let it charge over night and started using it in "power" mode and after 3 hours of emails/surfing and downloading magazines/books its at ~90% charge... all i need is it too last 8 hours. I also can get more out if it by putting it in power saving mode - which activates the 5th hidden cpu core.

    while in power mode i didn't get any crashes or notice it getting warm.

    its very crisp and fast... I don't notice it being obviously faster or sharper image than an iPad 1 or 2 ... maybe you can tell if you hyper analyze the two screens in a side by side comparison. Technically its got less pixels than a iPad 3 ... but the gpus play a big part in making a movies seem crisp. i noticed that going from iPad 1 to 2.

    The prime has 12 gpus while the iPad 3 only has 4. Asus needs to advertise that fact better. the prime also lets you choose power consumptions modes.. its sort of like a hybrid car. there a "Power", "Balanced" and "eco" modes that effect the battery use.

    Our family had 3 iPads before i got this one. my daughter has the original iPad(64 gb) and my wife and i had ipad2s. I gave my iPad(16gb) to our parents so we can FaceTime with them easier. it also let me have a reason to get the prime. I was constantly running out of space on my 16 gb iPad that won't happen for a while on my Prime with its expandable memory.

    if u want a device "just to use" just get a iPad... if you want to tinker get a prime. I have two CS degrees so I obviously fall into the latter category. :)

    From a usability POV different android applications do everything slightly different enough to make the experience not as perfectly smooth as using an iPad... but thats the sort of thing that makes apple so much better at appealing to grand parents and non-techies. I've had two other android phones an the UI drove me nuts to the point I sold the samsung galaxy s2 for a iPhone 4s... but a phone is something I use primarily for very frequent brief activities like making a call or quickly checking emails so the little hiccups with the ui annoyed me more. With a tablet i tend to use it less frequently but for each instance for longer periods so the little ui discrepancies bother me less.

    overall its a phenomenal tablet! between the hardware and ice cream sandwich this tablet is the first one that made me turn my back on the iPad.

    for 32 gb its actually $50 cheaper than the 32 gb equivalent iPad PLUS you can expand it by 64 gb for about $99 for the price of a micro sd card... which I'm sure in 6 months will be half of that :) while apple 64 gb will still be $700!

    Get it if you can... if it doesn't work Amazon will let you return it, so your covered that way
  • Elizabeth D. Pietrak "GoodBuyMom" - This extract REALLY does work!I started taking this supplement for the other health benefits, mostly stress related. Losing weight was just a plus & I didn't expect to lose much. It has helped with stress as well as a devotional life, spending time in God's Word, positive music, & prayer. I do feel as though my body has built up a tolerance already, I've had a pretty stressful week. I was shocked & amazed though that I have lost a noticeable amount of weight and size. I know things affect others differently...but this extract, after taking 3 capsules (waiting an hour to eat which will differ with different metabolisms) , twice daily for 2 weeks and then about 3 capsules once daily for 3 more weeks has worked its "magic"! I've always been small framed and weight-wise & then I had a baby! I actually dropped my weight immediately after having my baby but then gained more back. For the last two years I've been a size 4, 121 lbs (which I know a lot of people scoff at but as I said, I've always been small, 5 lbs for me is like 20 on someone else) and since I've been supplementing with Garcinia Cambogia Gold, I'm back down to a size 2 and 114 lbs. in 6 weeks!!

    THANK YOU NutriGold!!
  • Amber Trukositz - READ ASHES TO ASHES!!!!! EIT!I have been counting down the days until BOOK #8 came out. COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS PEOPLE. Like wake up and immediately think how many days until Ashes to Ashes is MINE.
    I LOVED this book. Obviously, I would say that. I am a HUGE fan of the Experiment in Terror series. I am in love with Dex (Helllo) and want to hang out in a Perry and Rebecca sandwich. Not to mention go on a ghost hunt, hang with fat rabbit, have Ada dress me, eat at Uncle Al’s, it just goes on and on. I ADORE Karina Halle!!!!!!!
    When I think of why I love this series so much I come up with so many reasons. But what it comes down to for me is how Karina can create stories within stories. It’s the atmosphere she creates and the people she writes that draw you in. It’s never one story or one genre it’s so much more than that.
    This series is for you, reader!! It has something for everyone. And it comes with a kick ass author (to stalk…in a good way ;) and community to hold your hand through Dex withdrawals.
    Ok, Ashes to Ashes!!!!
    I missed you Perry!!!!!!!!!! Man, has she been through some shit. She never fails to show us how to be brave and real and sexy. Damn girl!!!! I am really proud of Perry. I love you girl!!!
    I have to talk about Rebecca because she plays a bigger role in this book and I was wondering if she was going to be a third wheel and then I was like, shit it’s Rebecca she could never be a third wheel. I love that sassy minx. Interesting stuff going on with her.
    DEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I love me some Dex. He is my #1. He brings the swoon!!!!! Don’t you die-hards worry about that. It’s there, BIG TIME!
    I love Perry and Dex in this book!!!! I am so happy for them.
    CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!! In true Karina style she has the romance (thank you, darling) and the HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, how I love to be scared! This book will give you nightmares. There should be a warning on the back for pregnant woman. Karina can write scary like NO ONE ELSE. I loved every minute of screaming my head off and checking to make sure no one else was in my house. What is scarier than ghost children? NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And in true Karina fashion the story within the story is detailed and brilliant. Layers, people. Not every writer can do this!!!
    I can’t wait to see what happens next. Thank you for the amazing ride, Karina!
    - TEAM EIT!