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  • Karen B Mellott - Best Heating Pad I've OwnedI use a heating pad everyday due to neck pain. I particularly like that this pad is oversized, and instead of having a flimsy cover that you fight to keep on it, the pad is sewn of a wonderful plush material which is not only comfortable but matches today's decor - it practically disappears on my tapestry recliner. The control allows you to select one of numerous heat settings, which are immediately felt - no waiting several minutes for it to heat up. The control is backlit and the numbers are large enough to read. If desired, you can also bypass the 2 hour auto shutoff.
    I have liked the Sunbeam brands before, and I will be looking for this model when I next purchase one.

    May 9, 2013 - Thought I'd put a note in that after 15 months this pad is still performing like a champ. Before this one, I would go thru one 'lifetime warranty" heating pad every year. I am still a huge fan and encourage anyone looking for a well made, comfortable, consistent heating pad, to look no more. THIS is the ONE to buy.
  • Dave - Great tabletI've had this tablet for 4-5 months now and can honestly say I love it. I've seen some reviews that say it lags during intense game play but so far I have not found that to be true. I play first person shooters and sports games and they all run very smooth. I would definitely recommend this tablet to my friends and co-workers.
  • L. Lubin - Incredible valueI've been having a great time with this little camera. Since I don't always want to carry my DSLR (also an Olympus, E-620) I can now keep a hi-resolution camera, with HD video in my pocket at all times.

    The lens is excellent, with very little distortion at the wide-angle end. Being a long-time Oly owner (this is my seventh, and fourth digital) I already know how the exposure system thinks. Color accuracy is excellent, and there are plenty of options in Program mode to change white balance, metering mode, and focus. I love that the shutter speed and F/stop is shown on the monitor so I can make adjustments to ISO or exposure compensation before I shoot. It isn't manual mode, but it is the next best thing. At 14 MP there is plenty of latitude for cropping.

    Among the scene modes and art-photo settings is one I find very useful, and it isn't on my DSLR: this camera can generate a black on white line drawing and save the original photo at he same time! The panorama mode offers a feature that makes panorama stitching with the Olympus software exceptionally smooth. A narrow box appears on the scree, which you can place on any of the four edges to determine shooting direction. After exposure, the image from that box appears on the opposite edge as a transparent overlay, allowing precise alignment for the next shot.

    At less than $90, I am delighted, and the blue color, with a purple ring around the lens is very snappy. (Pun intended.)
  • B. Rose - Best Bluetooth portable boombox I've used, period.I've reviewed quite a few Bluetooth boomboxes / speakers. This unit is the size of a 'speaker' but packs the punch of a Boombox. It's solid, well-constructed, sleekly designed, easy to use, and just sounds awesome.


    - this thing sounds great. The bass is BOOMING. The unit literally throbs in my hands when I turn it up high and let the bass rip. It's the size of a girl scout cookies box, yet puts out the audio of a full-sized tabletop speaker. This thing rocks.

    - soft-touch plastic accents and metal construction fuse pretty seamlessly here. This unit is HEAVY. Hefting it, you get the immediate impression of solid, quality construction.

    - functionally, this is your standard Bluetooth speaker. Sync it up and control volume from both your phone and the unit itself. It also has a built-in microphone, but I haven't used this for phone calls, and don't plan to. The weatherized design rocks. I don't plan to have this in any extreme conditions, but it's nice being able to bust this out when I'm outdoors and not fret about splashes, rain sprinkles, etc. The rechargeable battery is a must. With technology increasingly built around wireless data/audio and emphasizing portability, why would you shackle yourself to a wall socket?

    - if you are looking for a portable smartphone / tablet speaker, get this. Period. Given its size and portability, this is the best value out there. There are some options for wired speakers that might slightly outperform this... but they're more expensive, and aren't portable. You won't be disappointed with this unit.
  • htranInAZ - Great price and feel without the higher cost.As others have stated, its a great alternative to more expensive balls if you're a high handicapper who tends to lose balls in the woods or the drink. I actually don't lose too many balls, but I do like the softness of these balls (I'm used to hitting rock hard Top Flites). I can't attest to any increase in distance or accuracy because I am so inconsistent, so who knows?!

    I've got a sleeve of Pro V1s that I will play next time I'm out. I'll see if those really matter for a 20 handicapper or if its just a more expensive way to lose balls. Buy them and try them out.