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  • Theresa A Lee - Timing is everything.....Dr.Phil is so real and insightful, going thru a time in my life reflecting on the people I have valued as friends and family that I thought it was my responsible and duty to make them a part of my life, no matter how they treated me. Did things out of integrity and respect as I was raised. Now after reading this book and doing excercises, I am changed and so are the people I choose have in my life. Took the "Welcome" mat off my back.......highly recommend this book to anyone who is a nice person, that feels used and taken advantage of....it will change your life. Be sure to be real with yourself and follow the exercises, a real reality check......so good for the soul. Thank you DR.PHIL......for you being so candid,transparent and brutially honest, feel so relieved, reborn....and so free!!.
  • Ethel fuller emf - Very Impressed!Very good product works just as good as any other tablet but it's just the right size for any were travel,Got it for my grandson and he feel like a big boy.my husband got a little. Jealous it just as nice as his and he has a Android tablet The resolution is beautiful.Great job Amazon with this product.