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  • Gordon N. Smith - My Number 1 Reference GuideI keep this next to my bed. For time, it beats turning on my computer and Googling the info. There is so much in here: results of the 2012 election broken down by districts, plus the entire 2013 Congress, astronomy and space travel, movies, awards, American and world history, sports highlights. If you need a name, or a date of an event, this is the first resource you should consult.
  • Bevie - This Stuff Saved My MarriageI suffered with recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis for 3 years. I lived on antibiotics to treat the BV then more antibiotics to treat the Yeast Infections from the BV antibiotics! Pure Hell!! My GYN made light of it and just kept writing the prescriptions. My sex life with my husband suffered tremendously. I did not feel sexy and I was always embarrassed about the odor that I just shut down our sex life completely. This caused a strain in our relationship and I became very depressed. My doctor recommended antidepressants...I burst into tears! No more medication...please!!! Thankfully one of the nurses at my GYN's office recommended that I purchase RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Feminine Supplements. She warned me that they were over the counter and pricey, but it was worth a try. I bought them and 5 days later there was no odor and no strange discharge. I have been using them for 8 months and I have had absolutely no odor or problems! Each purchase comes with coupons and Walgreens has them on sale periodically. I just stock up on them when they are on sale or order from Amazon.com when the price is right. Either way... using this product has saved my marriage!!
  • Danny Yu - Excellent All-purpose security - with many toolsThis Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security: Premium Edition gives you extensive computer protection in five general areas: Computer and devices, privacy, data, social networking, and family. The list of protection is quite the laundry list, but among them include:

    + Antivirus
    + Android security
    + Anti-spyware
    + Automatic protection while surfing social networking websites
    + Blocks malicious websites
    + Data Theft prevention
    + Parental controls
    + System tuner


    Installation was simple and a breeze. From start to finish, it took about 15 minutes, but may vary depending on your computer specifications. After installation, you will be prompted to register with Trend Micro, which I did not hesitate to do.
    Unfortunately, during the preliminary installation, Trend Micro Maximum required that I uninstall Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Although it is a bit intrusive, it's certainly not a huge issue because Trend Micro Maximum does a good job providing more extensive protection for my computer.


    Simple, smooth, and user-friendly. On the top is an easy to read customizable bar that indicates whether your computer is protected. Underneath the bar, a security summary shows how many virus & spyware, web threats have been stopped. Parental controls, system tuner, and product subscription are also listed. Surprisingly, the interface is customizable with many options.
    On the bottom bar of the interface, you'll find tools, scanning options (quick, full, and custom), settings, and a security report. Very convenient and useful. The settings are also password protected with your account, so there no worries regarding others changing your settings.


    On the bottom right of the main interface, there is a section called "Tools," which has the parental controls, data theft prevention, system tuner, trend micro vault, and secure erase.


    In summary, most of the features and protection for this Trend Micro product is solid, useful, and easy to use.

    - Data theft prevention is one of my favorite features! You're able to prevent your credit card, email, social security number, anything personal from leaving your computer without your permission. You only have to put a portion of a certain piece of information to block it. For example, if you want to prevent your phone number from leaving your computer, you only have to put 4 digits. Likewise for email, 4+ letters.

    - Parental control is extremely extensive and gives you many options. Compatible with most browsers, you can chose which categories can be blocked and how long a child or person can access the internet during a day. Easy to use and provides much control.

    - System tuner is a comprehensive tuner for disk space, system registry, internet privacy, software histories, and instant messaging privacy. The system tuner is either scheduled or anytime you like. As the tuner begins, a restore point is created. It does a fair job removing internet files and scanning through registries files.

    - Now onto the moment of truth: the scanning. The scan has three options with quick, custom, and full. The quick scan is extremely quick, taking less than 2 minutes for me. Full scanning takes much longer, anywhere between 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. However, it depends on the computer's volume of files and nature of the files.

    - The background protection against malicious websites, spyware, and unwanted changes is invaluable. Makes Web surfing a worry and stress-free experience.

    Resource Usage

    - Although there is a quite a lot of features and protection, resource usage is decent. One of my biggest concerns is how much a security program could slow down the computer. In the past, many programs are resource hoggers, but with this Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security product, there's only a slowdown when I'm doing some heavy gaming. Even with a good CPU, and 8GB of RAM, there's still a noticeable slowdown during gaming. However, this runs smoothly and quietly in the background for general applications like microsoft office, internet surfing, etc.


    - I'm very impressed with the extensive security protection from Trend Micro. Features like data theft prevention, parental controls, antivirus and spyware scanning, and system tuner are detailed, easy to use, and does a thorough job. It's also a plus that this comes with 3 users and has an aesthetic interface. Highly recommended.