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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • Mike and Anna - Honeymoon LifesaverWe love Rick Steve's books and take his e-books with us every time we go to Europe. He really takes you around to the most important places. His restaurant reviews are amazing and so accurate. This Rome book was particularly incredible!! His descriptions of all the important places and tourist spots were perfect.
  • Max Power "Max Power" - Tastes like grains.I'm a vegan, no dairy or egg for me. And I body-build. That is a hard combination to master, and you have to be somewhat careful about your diet. I'm lactose intolerant, and Whey makes it even worse. Eggs give me gas and egg mixes always have artificial flavors. Soy even gives me gas. Hemp gives me gas and is quite gritty. Rice and pea protein I can handle.

    This stuff is sprouted grains, which is great because the proteins become easier to digest when they are sprouted, and sprouting them also creates beneficial enzymes and probiotics. The taste is reminiscent of plain oatmeal or plain brown rice, which makes it a good candidate for adding some bulk and protein to fruit or yogurt smoothies. It is really easy to digest and is easy on my stomach. It doesn't give me any gas. It mixes easily and has no strange grit. Granted there is fiber, but it is very palatable. The enzymes and probiotics help break down the complex carbohydrates, proteins, and starches. Drinking this with some power-fruits makes me feel good,like I've had a healthy meal, not like I've taken a shortcut like protein extracts make me feel. My muscles are still hungry after protein extracts. Nothing is a substitute for whole, real food, like RAW MEAL provides. You'll still need to get antioxidants from fruits and veggies, but this is a good filler and your body will notice the difference.

    I mix this with fruit and tender vegetable leaves like spinach and kale, and it is great. It has a very neutral and natural flavor and never dominates a smoothie. I do not like it as much plain, but it is better than protein extracts plain. I think this is because it is not extracts or isolates. I can actually eat this stuff on top of oatmeal or cereal or yogurt and it is similar to ground flax seed.

    Too much concentrated protein in mega doses is actually very hard on your body, and your liver especially, which has to work extra hard to filter out the excess protein it cant immediately use. Your body was not designed to be hit with megaloads of protein. It is much easier on your body and your gut if the protein is in a natural state, mixed in with fibers, starches, and antioxidants. And the enzymes and probiotics lets your body utilize those things to their maximum efficiency.

    This paragraph might gross out a few people, but to get personal, my bowels get loose as heck with protein isolates, my body just wants it out. And I feel like all the nutrients are literally just flushed down the toilet. With RAW MEAL my stools are normal.

    Anyway, hope that helps.
  • Elsie - CATY BY JUDY SERVENTIThis is a review about CATY. It is by a new authoress - JUDY SERVENTI. Even if you have never read a book in your life, I am sure you will enjoy this! Once you start to read, you will not want to put the book down - and when you do put it down, you will be anticipating how soon you can return to this gripping tale.
    It is about an Irish girl and the ups and downs in her young life. There are very exciting moments, sad moments which you will bring a tear to your eyes, happy moments when you will feel so glad for her and funny moments which will make you laugh out loud! CATY comes through them all with flying colours. Eventually she decides to spread her wings and come to England where a new adventure begins.... but Judy Serventi cleverly leaves us wanting more, and eager for her to produce the sequel.
  • Zodar - Crucial SSD drives are a WINNER!!!!!!One at a time I have purchased three of these drives for my late 2009 macs and they all run better than ever! Seriously, everything related to hard drive functions are much faster! Boot time is super fast, as well as starting and working with demanding apps such as Lightroom, iPhoto and iMovie. I bought my first drive over a year ago for my macbook pro and since then there have been zero issues. Compared to the cost of buying a new mac, installing these drives has given mine a new life!!