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  • David R. Payne "book editor" - Radical = Back to BasicsThis is an inspiring and excellent book. Platt's thoughtful emphasis on the "basics" of Christianity is truly radical, as true Biblical christianity has always been radical. His analysis of the American dream and how it conflicts on multiple levels with following Christ is likewise insightful and penetrating. Highly recommended.
  • Nana - It really works.I have tried all sorts of products, and most of them just don't do what they say. Abreva actually does work. I always keep it in the medicine cabinet, so at the first sign of a cold sore I start to use it. The first sign for me is usually a little itching or tickling. I see nothing yet, and I put the cream on. This doesn't stop the cold sore from coming, but it shortens the time I have it by at least 1/2.
  • Jonathan Boyce - Save your gums and pucker upI've owned three Hydrofloss irrigators since 2002 and have found them all to be outstanding devices which, used 1-2 times per week, have kept my gums healthy and have stopped the recession of two troubled gum areas in my mouth. (The enclosed product CD they send with the units will explain exactly how it works and why this happens.)

    I've had three because, per my instructions from my dentist, I've always used them with a solution of 80% warm tap water and 20% hydrogen peroxide. Unfortunately, the peroxide prematurly wears out the motor so that after 200 or so uses, it wears out. I returned two of the units to the manufacturer for refurbishing, but found that the repaired units did not pump water with enough force to adequately clean my gums. I subsequently did not pay for the repairs ($25 + shipping per unit) after several complaining e-mails with the company's owner.

    I can attest to the fact that faithful use of these units will also completely elminate bad breath, provided that your additional oral care (flossing, brushing, and use of Listerine) is adequate.
  • Linda Pintarell "Linda P" - Love it! Love it! Love it!I love, love, love Susan Branch's new book - A Fine Romance - Falling in Love With the English Countryside. Beautiful pictures, artistic drawings from Susan, mounds of quotes that are so lovely, a travel journey through one of the most beautiful places in the world...and she did the whole book by hand...it is written entirely by her hand...honest! People have argued with me...they have typeset like that now and that is how it is done...NO!NO! I say... it is entirely her hand...and I applaud her for doing this. I know it is difficult; I know it takes time and patience...but the end result is truly a treasure...a gem! Thank you, Susan