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  • Marvelous Mal "The Malster" - A Great Book, By a Rare and Great Man!You may or may not like Alan Dershowitz, but this book is an entertaining and informative look at the very full life of one of the greatest lawyers, thinkers, and humanitarians ever. Although you may disagree with him on issues, you must respect his honesty in applying meticulous logical analysis to the known facts. Dershowitz ends up all over the political spectrum on issues, because his ideological biases are not the starting or ending points in his opinions. Dershowitz has been criticized and threatened. He has been called everything from a Saint to a Monster and War Criminal. In truth, Dershowitz is a national treasure. No, he is an international treasure. He has given away many thousands of hours of his time to help those in need. He has worked for Supreme Court Justices and murderers. Politicians, artists and criminal defendants around the world have sought Dershowitz' counsel, for good reason. He is a wise and thoughtful man, and a highly successful attorney.

    This book has it all, from the sublime to the bizarre; from his association with Nuremberg Prosecutor Telford Taylor, to his contact with and refusal to represent Chess genius Bobby Fischer. While you may think this book represents Dershowitz coming to rest in his later years, you would be mistaken. Dershowitz describes how he recently punched a ruffian who attacked his ailing son. With his amusing anecdotes and proverbs, Dershowtiz even puts most comedy writers and philosophers to shame. He is at his energetic, passionate, and reflective best in this book.
  • djbuik "djbuik" - This prodcut gave me my life backI went to several doctors and had numerous tests for aching lymph nodes and severe fatigue over a one and a half year period. I was told I potentially had MS, a brain tumor, or lymphoma based upon the results of my CT scans and blood tests and ended up having a spinal tap and suffering a spinal leak (very painful). I was ultimately told it was most likely a virus affecting my immune system, which may or may not eventually go away. After getting no relief or answers, my wife happened upon this product searching the internet for a solution. After suffering for so long, I was willing to try anything, yet remained very skeptical. This product worked almost immediately and really helped me. My lymph nodes no longer hurt, and I am essentially back to normal. I still need to watch my sugar intake, but Fivelac keeps me on track. I have never given a product a review, but felt compelled to do so based upon all the suffering I experienced which was clearly needless. I'm not saying it is a cure-all, but it really helped my symptoms and helped me return to a normal life.
  • D. Jaeger - Floyd has no problem continuing without Waters...My guess is that the complete morons who gave this album less than 3 stars would probably list The Wall or Darkside Of The Moon as their favorite Pink Floyd album. Why, because they don't have an original thought in the microscopic minds. So, continue to FOLLOW like sheep, you'll never be capable of anything else. The Division Bell is a great album for any true Pink Floyd fan. It's a triumph over A Momentary Lapse Of Reason which just didn't come together very well. There's not a song on The Division Bell that doesn't display great song writing and musicianship. I now have to put this album on the top of my Pink Floyd list. In two words... Roger who?
  • Lee Griggs "ScribblerG" - 2013 Writer's Market2013 Writer's Market If you are planning on becoming a writer or if you are already a professional writer or even a "rejected" writer...the 2013 Writer's Market book should be on your desk. I cannot operate without it and I am a published writer of books and magazine articles. I have this book on my Android as well as my office computer and refer to it constantly. For anyone, even with a dream about writing, this is the reference book you must have in your library.
  • H. Malmsio "Helene Malmsio" - Perfect way to grow vegetables in winter - or all year long!I bought a couple of these about 4 years ago, and they are still going strong. Only had to replace the light bulbs every 6-12 months, so glad I bought a supply of them when I ordered the machines.

    Right now I have a young Winter crop of tomatoes and herbs and lettuce growing!

    One lot of cherry tomato plants kept producing for at least 12 to 18 months, which I did not know was even possible!

    And you just about have to beat the Basil with a stick to stop them taking over your house! It is a never-ending joy to be able to pick and add fresh herbs to my cooking all year round.

    Trust me when I tell you that after 4 years I can tell you that the trick to abundance in your tomato crops is to prune the seedlings from the minute they start growing sprouts and branches to force more growth and bushiness in your plants... It seems cruel to nip and prune these baby shoots in their first few weeks, but you have to - even baby lettuce and herbs - pick, pick, and pick some more.

    Love my aerogardens... I will probably get a couple more, simply so that I can have flowers and herbs in a couple more rooms of the house as it really cheers up the house in wintertime.