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  • Christopher K. Andes - King of KeurigsThis is the ultimate keurig, and we have been enjoying it thoroughly. It does everything it's supposed to, and is as expected. It's very nice to be able to change the strength of the coffee - we never use the temp. function though - even though I dont like waiting for my coffee to cool down, the best coffee is brewed over 200degrees, so we leave it on the highest setting which is upper 190's.

    It looks fantastic sitting in the kitchen, brews delicious coffee quick, and doesnt make a mess. It has great automated settings, great manual options, and so on.

    My only complaint is that the Vue Cup system doesn't offer anywhere NEAR the variety the K Cup system has. I expect this to change fairly rapidly, but it has yet to be seen. Don;'t worry, there are still plenty of flavorful options to choose from! And your options will only get better over time.
  • Shay1234 - Great product!!!!I have suffered from chronic yeast and bacterial infections for at least 10 years, and my doctor said this is just how it is for some women. Constantly treating and treating treating. It really started to take a toll on my everyday life. It got to the point where I could just call my doctor and tell her I knew I had another infection and she would refill my medicine for me, because she knew I did. It was like clock work, every month and half, they would always come back. I tried changing so many things like soap, laundry detergent, et. but nothing seemed to work. I did some research and found out about this product. I read the reviews of this product from other women who have used it and they seemed to be all very positive so I decided to give it try. I just started my second month and I have already noticed a great improvement in my health! I feel so much better and you only have to take one capsule a day and there are no side effects what so ever! I like that it is only ingredients that our bodies naturally already have and need so I am not putting anything foreign in my body. I definitely recommend this product to any woman who suffers from these chronic infections, it really works!!! I will continue to use this product every month! Thanks Pro-B!!
  • Heather dawn "Heather" - The Testing ... Amazing YA Dystopian ... MUST READDoes Contain Mild Spoilers....

    The testing is one of those books that hooks you in and makes you want to keep reading. From the very beginning I fell in love with Cia and five lakes colony. It is sad the type of destruction that was once the USA faces today in Cia's world with the devastation of the landscape and what these citizens have to do to revitalize the landscapes to make them livable once again.
    When Cia is selected for the Testing she is thrilled but when her father reveals that it is not all as it may seem she decides to be prepared and takes with her tools that will help to ensure her survival. The testing is brutal but Cia remains the same as she always was ... a compassionate and caring person who puts others before herself and it stays that way through the entire book. She is a strong minded character with a strong will and a need to survive and help others around her survive as well... However, that is not always enough. She has to make choices and some of them end up being the wrong ones. She trusts too easily and thinks the best of everyone even when they do not deserve it.
    With the testing over only so many candidates make it to the University and all of their memories are cleared of what happened during the testing. Will Cia ever remember what happened to her and her companions or what happened to those that failed? What will her future hold? I cannot wait to get my hands on book two coming next spring as I am sure it will be another amazing read.