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  • Jared Williams - Mass Effect on SteriodsThe beginning of the book reminded me of the start of the movie "District 9". I like how the book started and the mission to the moon. I only knew, before purchasing the book, that the crew was going to the moon. So when the rest of the 95% of the book happened it was a surprised and my Kindle Fire was literally 3 inches from my face till the end. Great characters and personalities in the book. Character development is also interesting, and shows how some change and progress. Great book. I recommend it to readers.
  • R. McCormack "My Two Blessings" - KissKiss really packs a punch from the very beginning. Shauna is very angry with her father, has found out some incriminating information and is going to confront him about it. As always, they get in an argument and she leaves angry. However, she wakes up 6 weeks later from a coma. She learns she had been in a car accident which left her with amnesia and her brother crippled for life. Her father and stepmother blame her entirely for the accident because they found drugs in her system, in the car and in her apartment. But she thinks that can't be right - she's never taken drugs. The only person she can trust is her boyfriend - whom she doesn't even remember.

    She decides to investigate the accident and try to recover her memories. But in the process she discovers something strange happening. She is having strange memories, not her own. She dreams of being a football player and being injured badly. Come to find out her boyfriend suffered a spinal injury while playing football. She dreams of being a soldier in war and discovers her boyfriend was in the war. Whenever she kisses her boyfriend, she ends up with one of his memories. And he losses his memory of the event. How is this happening? Is she somehow stealing memories.

    In the process of trying to discover what really happened the night of the accident, Shauna uses her ability to steal memories and ends up not knowing who to trust. Kiss is full of twist and turns and you're never quite sure who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. The story is a page turner and once you start reading, will keep right on until the very end. This is the first time collaboration for Ted Dekker and new author Erin Healy and it is very well done.

    I received Kiss courtesy of Thomas Nelson Publishing book review blogger program.
  • Blake Montgomery - Gives supernatural test taking powersThis is the most amazing shirt I have ever owned... I can't believe it is available to the general public (and at such a ridiculously bargained price, too). I wear it every day that I have a test or quiz; I always do so much better than I would without it! In one of my toughest classes, Organic Chemistry, I finished the test so quickly that the friction of the pencil on the paper actually caught the test on fire. I had to get another copy and start again, but at a much slower pace with a total time of 30 seconds or so, so as to avoid the same mishap. When I got my test results, not only was I pleased with not missing a single problem, but I had actually come up with new and improved reaction pathways that will now be included in all of the new organic chemistry textbooks world wide. I owe it all to this shirt... thank you, Three Wolf Moon!
    (Warning: if you wash the shirt it might lose its magical powers!!!)
  • Jennifer N. Webb "Wonderful" - My Parent Child Testing Product is Great! Really Really Great!Help me, I'm scared. Yesterday I was shopping on amazon when I stumbled upon this the Parent Child Testing Product page. I'm a toy collector, so you know, I was checking to see if there were any new Wolverines I don't have... but I saw this and decided to check it out. I DIDN'T ORDER IT! I didn't make any purchases at all. But today I received a box in the mail... they come in a 5-pack...did you see that? I don't know what happened.. but they're here now and I don't know what to do. I thought at first it must be some kind of mistake so I sat the box aside to return tomorrow... that was around 2pm I think. Please you gotta understand... I'm here alone. I need help. The next time I came into the room the box was empty and the five of them were lined up on my coffee table! They've been watching me all afternoon. They remain totally still while I walk around but when I sneak a peek at them suddenly their facing me again, just staring! I'm scared. I think they can hear me so I'm afraid to call the police. And what's worse is that I keep hearing this chittering sound that I swear is coming from the one on the left! I tried to leave the house but they must of known I was fleeing because once I laid my hand on the doorknob it was like all the air went out of the room and the next thing I knew I was laying on the couch RIGHT NEXT TO THE COFFEE TABLE WHERE THEY ARRREE!!! I'm afraid! Please send someone! You gotta understand, I do not have children! I repeat: I do not have a child! ...I think they're here for me... oh god help me...
  • Robert B. Kidd - Great ValueYesterday we installed a Western Digital My Book Live Duo (dumbest name...ever) server with 6 terabytes of storage to replace our failed server. Within the first 48 hours we had:

    1) formatted two 3TB drives in Raid 1 (drive to drive mirrored backup)

    2) installed all of our backed up music and photographic images

    3) backed up the server to an external hard drive (you simply cannot trust any of these devices), after calling the free concierge service number for technical help (some one was not looking at the correct on line manual).

    4) backed up a Windows 7 PC to the server using WD Smartware

    5) linked Time Machine on two OS X Mac Books to the server

    6) accessed the server remotely via free web site hosting

    7) accessed the server via iPhone & iPad

    8) received backup status email sent automatically by the server

    The end game is that the server centralizes all of our music and photography, performs automatic backup of all of our computers and the server is backed up to itself (nightly), using Raid AND backed up to an external hard drive.

    If you think that this is over the top, tell me how you would feel if you lost all of your photos, music and your unpublished novel...devastated, I know.