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  • John Stone "teknoslag" - This shirt is proof that there is a God.For those of you out there who tout your militant atheism, denigrating those of us who know for a fact that God exists by asking us to prove it, I offer you proof: the Three Wolf Moon shirt. 'Nuff said, I win. But really, has enough been said about the utter magnificence contained within this relic of sheer panache? No. So let me instead offer my own experience regarding this magnanimously amazing artifact of accoutrement excellence.

    You see, I was a misunderstood child. I exhibited what is referred to as the Macdonald triad; fire starting, bed wetting, and animal cruelty. But there was always one animal whose majestic presence commanded respect, even from my sinister little ass. Want to guess what that animal was? You got it, friggin' wolves. The one problem I always had, however (okay, the fourth problem if you count the fire starting, bed wetting, and animal cruelty,) was that all my life I never had a Three Wolf Moon shirt. Had I owned one at that tender, impressionable age, I am pretty sure I would never have begun bludgeoning one eyed Japanese wizards to death in probably the most prolific serial murder spree the world has ever known, but that is neither here nor there. What happened three months ago is the true meat of this story.

    There I was, at the height of my career as a prolific murderer of cycloptic Japanese sorcerers when, wouldn't you know it, I was arrested. Turns out that the police aren't too fond of murder, even after you try to explain to them that the only reason you did so was out of a deep seeded sense of vengeance because a one eyed Japanese wizard refused to magically summon a Three Wolf Moon shirt for you. Granted, when the police were informed about the existence of the shirt and my inability to obtain one being the reason for my despicable crimes, they were empathetic. Still, the law is the law.

    After months of delays, I went on trial. However, since I lost all of my possessions during my arrest, I had absolutely nothing to wear to court and I was not about to walk in front of that jury wearing a county jumpsuit. That is the moment when the heavens parted, a brilliant light shone down upon me, and a choir of angelic... well, angels... began to sing. My court appointed attorney brought me a pair of slacks and... you guessed it, a Three Wolf Moon shirt to wear to court!

    To make a long story short, the jury took one look at my badass Three Wolf Moon shirt and I was acquitted of all charges. Not only has this amazing shirt turned my life around and cured me of my evil ways, but it spared me a possible death sentence and years of prison food that tastes like something that had festered within the bowels of a decomposing hippopotamus for over a year.

    Behold, the majesty of the Three Wolf Moon tee shirt.
  • Eric Benson - Love ItI absolutely love this tablet. This is my first tablet ever, so I had to learn to use it. It links up pretty well with my Android phone, and Its UI is easy to navigate. I would recommend this tablet for fist time users on a budget.
  • secret "aj's#1fan" - the reviews were rightThe reviews were right on this one. It was very helpful. Gives you lots of ideas of where you should go and gives you a lot of information about the place he recomends to go to, like ticket prices, how to get into the place fastest, things to expect like no backpacks etc. and more. The ONLY thing that was not helpful, or wrong, in this book is how long it takes to do the tours of the museums. He says that the Lourve take about two hours.....not even close. But this is the only thing I'd complain about.