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  • L.A. Young "Amazon Fan" - Environmentally friendly sodaTrying to be more "green", I decided not using plastic was even better than recycling. I bought Kleen Kanteen from Amazon and take my own water instead of buying bottled. Now I can have my fun bubbly water (club soda) and flavored varieties whenever I want. You get 2 one-liter bottles and a good sampler pack of syrup. Be sure to chill the water before adding "gas". The soda syrup can be purchased at Kohl's often on sale and with their frequent discount, is very inexpensive (<$3 each that makes 12 liters). I like mine with slightly less syrup than one capful/liter. I use 1 Tablespoon syrup for one 12 oz glass of unflavored soda if I don't want to commit a whole liter to one flavor. You can adjust the amount of syrup to your particular taste. I prefer the taste and calories of "Diet" and you can blend the cream soda with cola for a vanilla cola flavor. You can also make "egg creme" by mixing vanilla, milk and carbonated water or the "cream soda" and milk in the proportions of your choice (my choice is 50:50). I like the freshness and flexibility. The bottles hold the fizz well for the couple of days it takes for us to consume our soda. I am considering buying the white tops from SodaStream so that I can see at a glance which bottles are chilling and which are carbonated.
  • Kirusun - Be realistic people!First I want to say that I have no connection to Rogaine, other than I've been using it for over a year now. I'm not being paid in any way. I'm writing this to help other balding guys.

    I'm 46, I noticed my hair getting thin when I was 18 or 19. For me it happened slowly. It was the early 80's and there were no real solutions yet. In the mid-nineties I began to hear about Propecia and started to take it daily in 1997. I still had bit of hair on top, but it was very thin and I felt that it was only going to be a few more years before I would be a "bald guy". The Propecia was expensive, like $50/month back then. But over the course of several months it did seem to halt my hair loss, and it even reversed it a bit. But the truth was that I had lost a lot of hair in the front and on the crown that just didn't seem to want to come back. I was happy enough with the hair that I had preserved that I kept using the Propecia.

    I had also tried Rogaine, years ago when it first came out. It was this sticky thick goo, that I could not understand how any balding guy could use twice a day. My hair would have been matted to my head. Might as well get "Hair in a Can" lol.

    Then like a year and half ago I noticed Rogaine Foam. I bought a can and used it for a month. At first I did it only once a day, in the morning. The foam is much easier to manage and really acts like styling mousse. I'll tell you, I'm a skeptical guy, and did not expect real results but this stuff grew back a lot more of my old hair. I am using it twice a day now. I'm very happy with the amount of hair that has already regrown and I keep noticing new hair growth all the time.

    Here's the deal, no product currently out is going to give you back the hair like you had when you were a kid. But I'm the oldest of three boys and when I see my brother, who is six years younger, he is still jealous as hell that he's totally bald and I've got quite a nice hear of hair. It's not perfect, but I'm happy with it and I don't think anyone would even consider me "balding" anymore.

    One poster stated that the Rogaine melts away in his hand. I think he is not taking advantage of the can design. It's long, narrow nozzle allows you to put the product directly on your scalp, through your hair. No need to put it in your palm at all.

    This is a description of my daily Rogaine regimen. I've fine-tuned this procedure by experimentation over the course of several months, it works for me, it might help you...

    In the morning, directly after getting out of the shower, I towel dry my hair, then while it is still damp, I dispense five or six small blobs at different points on my scalp. By small, I mean nickel sized blobs. I do this with a hand mirror, leaning backward looking into the mirror on the wall to precisely place each blob. Then, still leaning backward I use my index finger to spread each blob around to cover most of my scalp. I only treat the balding area. Then I face the wall mirror and carefully rub and massage my entire scalp to better disperse the Rogaine over my scalp and hair.

    I blow dry and style my hair and that's it for the morning.

    In the evening, an hour or so before bed, I perform a second application. But this time I apply it to my dry hair, still using the two mirror system. Then I run a wet comb through my hair to evenly spread the Rogaine over my hair.

    One thing that tripped me up for awhile was trying to clean my comb. The Rogaine leaves a white residue on the teeth of your comb that is hard to get off. I bought one of those comb bottles like the barbershop has. I soak the comb in a combination of alcohol and Barbicide. That keeps it pretty clean.

    Good luck my fellow balding brethren.
  • sier77ra - I love, love, love the Outlander series!I love the Outlander series of books! I was hooked when I started reading Outlander. Claire and Jamie are such a passionate couple. Any book about Scotland or Ireland will attract my attention but the Outlander series not only attracted but had me hooked immediately. I am now reading Drums of Autumn and still can't wait to pick up my kindle and read more about their love story!
  • Jon Hunt "musician, teacher" - The Beauty of HumanityBrandon Stanton's new book, "Humans of New York", gives the reader not only pages of eye candy but wonderful insights and humorous comments as well. This is not a mere picture book to be thumbed through but one to settle in with on a Sunday afternoon and to study these photos as one goes along.

    Some photos command your attention. There's one of a young boy sitting on the pavement with a basketball held securely in his lap. The author's caption reads," in some neighborhoods, faces mature faster than bodies". Wow! And a photo of two men embracing with the Statue of Liberty in the distance at dusk is truly wonderful. Then there's "Banana George"!!

    Brandon Stanton has given us the gift of variety and color, depth and insight. I highly recommend "Humans of New York".