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  • buzzybee - Baby loves it!My daughter been playing on this for 2 weeks now and she loves it! At first she just stares at the mirror (@6weeks old) but now she kicks and waves her arms around and enjoys the music. I put her down and she would play with it for an hour before she starts fussing for mommy. Almost every time now she would smile and 'laugh' cause she's enjoying it. I know she can't quite laugh and giggle like we do, but you know, a parent can tell when their baby's happy and enjoying something!

    She also stomps pretty hard on the piano that it pushes her up a bit lol and the piano lived so it's quite sturdy haha
  • Efrem Sepulveda "history geek" - Comprehensive look at the Man in BlackRobert Hilburn's massive discourse of the life of Johnny Cash kept me captivated throughout its 638-page length from young J.R's walk on a gravel road in Dyess, Arkansas singing gospel tunes to his passing as a famous, but tired man in Hendersonville, Tennessee in 2003.

    What impressed me about this book is that it pulled no punches. It was a definitive warts-and-all book with the story containing years of struggle with infidelity and drug use; long stretches of music recording that produced absolutely no hits; his struggles in the Christian faith and the physical toll that long stretches of being on the road did to him. However, out of this milieu of pain came a man who wanted so badly to proclaim his faith, sometimes to the point of sacrificing gains in his career. He was generous to those in need and made a triumphant return to the charts before his passing.

    The book provides extensive details of his life in the Air Force, his relationship with Sam Phillips during his time recording with Sun Records, his turbulent relationship with his first wife Vivian and his career rehabilitation under the guidance of Rick Rubin who helped him to record his excellent swansong "Hurt." His efforts at hosting his TV series in the early 1970s are detailed in this book which ended on a sad note with Johnny Cash hosting a circus themed show and him holding a monkey. There is so much that is contained in this book that you probably can't find anywhere else. The bibliography and endnotes are massive evincing a well-researched book. Many interviews were conducted in this book that included people like Marshall Grant, the longtime guitar player in Cash's first band, John Carter Cash, his son with June Carter, Roseanne Cash and many others. I highly recommend this book for those who want to read about the Man in Black. Hard to believe that he has been gone ten years. Hope to see you on the other side Johnny. Five stars.
  • Sam M. - Ok, lets do the math...This review is not one based on the product itself but directed toward the people who have rated this one star and complaining that the price here is inflated. MSRP is $30. 5 decks at $30=$150. I agree, support your local shops (if you can) and don't overspend. Shops around here however are charging $40 a deck for this so the arithmetic is simple, I will buy online.