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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • A Guy in Indianapolis - Excellent devicePros: Lightweight but solid-feeling. Easy to hold in one hand. Lots of cool apps at the App Store. Operating system runs fast and rarely crashes. Movies from Amazon Prime look awesome. I have pretty much stopped using my PC now that I have this.

    Cons: High price- I got the 32 gig at Meijer when they were having 35% off if you open a charge account, otherwise I couldn't have afforded it. Crappy sound through speakers, but ok with earbuds. Rear facing camera not nearly as high quality as front facing camera.
  • B. Golden "87chevy" - Great educational tool and fun!Since my daughter got this tablet she had not put it down! She uses it atleast once a day and loves it. She's 5 and has already added new vocabulary to her cannon and is craving more. She's also dropped it a couple of times on our tile floor and no damage as of yet (we do have a gel cover on it). Battery life lasts about two weeks from what I've seen which is pretty good.
  • Fred in TO "movie buff" - Blown AwayI am now in my 50's and remember Sade on the radio in the 80's. I regularly check Amazon for top selling concerts and read people's reviews. I ordered the Blu-ray a couple of weeks ago and got a chance to watch it last night. I was totally blown away by her mesmerizing performance and the music. This is now my top rated concert dvd.
  • G. Ware - Works well on my MACI installed this product on my Mac, first time ever having virus software on my Mac. The installation was straight forward and I had no issues. The user interface gives you enough options to turn off some of the features if you just want straight virus protection or if you want to have more internet security. I like this product as it can be installed on Windows and Mac but you do have to download the files from McAfee. There is no included disk in the box which begs the question, why did they use such a big box for only a registration software key card inside? Although the download it a nice approach, it could become confusing for non-technical customers who just want to use a disk drive. For Mac users this approach is best as many new Mac's do not come with a disk drive.

    This product offers a nice combination of providing protection for all your pc's and devices, if needed. If you don't need all that type of protection then a regular virus software product might be a better way to go. If you own MAC, PC, and mobile devices then this product does provide good protection.