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  • J. Indoe "Tough Critic" - Engaging and HonestIntrigued by the WSJ review of this book, I downloaded it to my Kindle and virtually could not put it down. The chronological narrative is expertly written and literally seduces the reader to continue. The author is brutally honest about his strengths and weaknesses. He describes his relationships with family members, teachers, students, gallery owners, artists and friends. We learn what inspires him and how a painting or sculpture emerges from a concept to become a finished work of art. We share his triumphs and defeats, his successes and disappointments. After reading Keith Richards's autobiography Life, I understand how the Rolling Stones produce a recording. Bad Boy gives me the same grasp of how a brilliant artist works.
  • wroclaw82 - Useful ResourceThis is a very useful resource in the medical school application process. It gives essential information in an accesible format.