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  • Jonathan - Fits great - looks stockI would guess that this is a stock part. I bought these for the look and to keep the christmas tree up off the Pilot (and for future storage of a box or bike carrying).

    Install- I suggest having a friend help. In order to slide the crossbars down the slot you need to move the crossbars at the same rate or else it will wedge itself in the rails. This is a simple install- short and basic instructions. The hardest part is popping off the rear rail covers. Once tightened, everything feels very solid and doesn't wiggle.

    Looks awesome and gives it a more "suv" feel that I like.
  • M. K. Foley - will this work for food allergies?I'm about to find out if this diet will help with my food allergies. Since most food allergies/sensitivities are usually caused by a damaged digestive tract (often called leaky gut syndrone), it only makes sense that what will work for Crohns, IBS, etc., should work for leaky gut syndrone.

    After reading it twice from cover to cover, I have a hope it will. (The author does point out that anaphylactic allergies may not respond to this diet.)I gave it 5 stars because the author writes in very clear language, gives clear directions and has documented all her findings.

    Like one reviewer mentioned, this diet is very similar to the Paleo diet, which I had good success using to remove my food allergy/sensitivity reactions. However, the Paleo diet alone wasn't 'curing' my gut problems. I continued to develop new allergies/sensitivities if I ate a certain food too often and didn't rotate my menu. Which is a sign of not having healed the root cause.

    So, I have a feeling the missing components were the probiotic regimen and carefully screening out foods that have complex carbs. I've been using a broad spectrum probiotic compound for a few months now and have noticed an improvement. One of my reactions to my allergies is asthma, which has really improved since using the probiotics. Now I'll fine tune the probiotics based on the author's recommendation and give the diet a try for a year. I really have nothing to lose, it's a well balanced healthy regimen.

    I like that the author gives the science behind what happens when the gut has an imbalance in the bacteria, how certain foods can cause or contribute to this and make it a vicious cycle. I like how she approaches healing using diet instead of medications and or an overloading of suppliments. Give the body what it needs to heal itself! Makes perfect sense to me.

    Wish me luck!
  • Michelle Laue - Pleasantly surprised by this bag!This was my first handbag purchase from Amazon. I wasn't sure about buying a bag without being able to firsthand feel the quality of it. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived! It's a sturdy bag, NOT a flimsy or thin material, nice lining, roomy, extra pockets, divided pocket. I will definitely buy this brand again without any hesitation!
  • Nooorm - Callaway Org14 cart bagReally enjoying this bag. Most of my golfing is done riding and this bag is perfect for that. Easy to load and unload from the trunk of my TL due to the rubberized handle. The bag is large, but feels light even fully loaded. The pouches are arranged so that all are easily accessible when loaded on the cart. I love the individual divider for each club (there are actually 15, which is odd). I have slightly oversized (medium) grips and have no problem getting my clubs into and out of the dividers.

    One small nit is the ball mark template attached the zipper on one of the small pouches. I didn't need it and would rather have had one of the standard Callaway zipper tabs instead. It would have been nice if Callaway had included one in the bag as a replacement. As is, I just have the "ring" attached to this zipper (removed the template) which works fine but upsets the aesthetic a bit.
  • mtn.mark - Happy with Quicken 2011Overall I'm satisfied with Quicken 2011. I like the following:

    * I do online banking with several financial institutions. None of them allow you to automatically login with quicken, however, after registering the sites, whenever I login and download my transactions, quicken automatically notices, prompts, then loads the info into quicken (even if quicken isn't currently open). This is really helpful and useful.

    * When transactions are imported online, the transaction merchant names are often cryptic. The merchant rename feature is great. I can edit the transaction to rename the merchant and all future transactions with the same merchant will be automatically renamed as well.

    * The budget tracking is nice. I'm just learning to use it, and it seems intuitive.

    * Really like the very intiutive manual transaction edit screen. Easy to enter repeating transactions and successive check transactions.

    One small improvement:

    * The transaction category manager is workable but has a minor gotcha where you have to keep reselecting the Show item at the top right if you leave then come back to the screen. If you forget and use the mouse scroll wheel trying to scroll through the category list, you'll end up actually scrolling the Show field selected item which causes some of the caregories to not show. The dialog should instead track the mouse location and scroll the category list if the mouse if over it.