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  • KathleenJB - Heartbreaking, Yet InspiringThis book was both heartbreaking (for what the kidnappers did to an innocent child) and inspiring (because of Elizabeth's faith and the miracles which sustained her). I could not put this book down. I lived in the suburbs of Salt Lake City during the time of her kidnapping, and I remember her parents relentless and unending searching for Elizabeth. I am uplifted by their examples and I am so grateful that today Elizabeth is a happy, healthy woman with her spirit intact. May she and her family be blessed!
  • Autler - Works Best with Aloe Vera JuiceI've been taking these for 8 months now and coupled with aloe vera juice, it has significantly reduced my digestion issues. Best to take it on an empty stomach and separate from any psyllium supplements. Yes, it's overpriced but for me- well worth it. Tell your doctor if you're considering taking Align and they'll usually stock you with free samples!
  • Juanita Osborne - Full of hours of fun facts!I purchased this for my 12-year-old granddaughter's birthday, which was just before Christmas. She has not put it down. Not a day goes by that she doesn't read it, use it, share the facts in it. It is beautifully done; pictures are high quality.

    I highly recommend this for old and young who love trivia and just facts, common to extremely unusual. Best world records issue that Guinness has put out, in my opinion.