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  • Lynnie "blessed by books" - Convenience!This brewer is so convenient to use. In the morning when we are rushed we can make a hot drink in about two minutes by quickly pouring water to the desired level in the top, placing the selected drink container in the machine, and pressing a button. My husband uses it for coffee, and I use it for hot tea and hot chocolate. The bright blue color looks lovely on my dark blue granite.
  • marie - easy to swallowthis is the best probiotic pill out there for women the pills are very small easy to swallow and does work. they are exspensive but alot cheaper if you buy online...after taking one a day for a month as directed i am now going to take one twice a week for maintence which will make them last longer....exspensive but worth it..p.s shipping was very fast
  • JenCamiTony - 5 Stars for Inglesina 2012 TripI purchased the Inglesina 2012 trip 2 weeks ago and I must say I researched umbrella strollers for the last 4 months since my daughter was able to sit up straight and did not need the bulky travel system. I researched the larger known brands such as Uppababy, Britax and Maclaren. All of which were either missing something and overly priced.
    I discovered the Inglesina through research and reviews of their other stroller models. The 2012 Trip was the stroller that offered all of the options I wanted in an umbrella stroller.
    -reclines! my daughter is able to lay almost completely flat!
    -light weight.. although it weighs more compared to maclaren and uppababy i will carry the extra weight
    -large canopy with extra extend for more coverage
    -cup holder
    -belly bar.. great to hang toys
    -basket is easy to access
    -pocket on back is great for storing things such as phone
    -leg extension is great for those long days where my daughter needs a nap
    -rain cover included!
    -fabric is easy to clean!
    -peek window to see baby will canopy is extended

    Well as of right now I cannot find any cons for this umbrella stroller

    I was only a little confused how to collapse the stroller and how to lower the leg extension but as with any new item takes time to get to know how it works.
    Although others complained that the material felt rough and that the weight.
    I truly think the material is great quality and you can feel the durability in this stroller, it is a real nice ride and I feel it did great on both smooth and rough terrain.

    All together I would say this stroller deserves 5 stars! If you are willing to spend the extra dollar, this sharp stroller is the one to buy. It is not the most popular name but this is true Italian quality!
    Also the Liquirizia color is AWESOME!!
  • Susan A. Sandberg "lady of letters" - yes it worksI'm not sure why this didn't work for so many...but it was amazing for me, it did exactly what the ad said it would. I had 5 ugly skin tags on the side and back of my neck,one was very big,the size and color of a pencil eraser. I applied it twice a day, morning and night, and I used my finger to apply it,the little brush didn't get enough on. I rubbed it firmly on, pressing hard going in circles. After two weeks they were shriveled and dried out, and by 4 weeks they all fell off, leaving a tiny pink dot, which soon disappeared. Worked GREAT for me! And actually it doesn't smell horrible, and it goes away in 30 minutes or so. I give it an A plus!