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  • C Hope - It's a glitter pony parade!I just could NOT believe all the rediculous claims made in prevous reviews. I had to see this for myself. After many years of rough dry skin, unmanagable hair and very large hands I had to try something! My first experience was something I will never forget the warmth I felt travle from my extremities to my spine and the shiver I felt when I finished a sentence. The most amazing part is what it has done for my lower body! Never mind the tremor it leaves in my lady parts or the tingle in my thighs, my cellulite literally packed it's bags and left! After 22 years AK (after kids)... The most exciting event happened just the other day after a rather "bad" side order of refried beans with my wet burrito. I had to, well, "Fluff" if you know what I mean and Glitter actually shot out of my...
  • Wedding Paycheck - Was sceptical but works very well.i have had a hard stomach which distends particularly after a heavy meal. it looked disproportional to the rest of my body but i just have kind of accepted. recently it has become uncomfortable after meals and is definitely hard when i pushed on it.

    i have tried probiotics - no change...i have taken up intermittent fasting which reduced fat around my arms, hands, legs and feet but the stomach remained. i have done peak8 exercises - similar... gut remained.

    at this point i thought i need to try something different.

    ok so having done SCC for 8 days (2 weeks ago) i have a softer, flatter stomach and i genuinely do feel a lot lighter especially after meals. i weighed myself and my weight is pretty much the same.. maybe from 75 to 74-74.5 so its not like i have lost much weight, i am guessing i have just lost some trapped gas or some old crap in the lining of my gut.

    i took 4 tablets twice a day. i didn't have to run to the toilet but it definitely got things moving and the smell was fairly intense.

    now (having stopped for two weeks) my stools are better formed.

    i would recommend this product based on my experience.
  • Jackson Smith - No more late night cravings!In all honesty, I was more than a little skeptical about the effectiveness of this product (Note: I bought this particular bottle outside of Amazon.com in April 2013 and paid nearly twice as much as it's listed here).

    Having done a fair bit of research about the virtues of Garcinia Cambogia, I took a leap of faith and stuck to the recommended dosage throughout the full 30 day period.

    The end result?

    Whilst I don't appear to be eating any less during the day, what I have noticed is a considerable reduction in my early / late evening food cravings.

    This has resulted in an overall body fat loss of more than 3% in just over a month. I feel fitter, happier and generally healthier since taking Garcinia Cambogia. This has since incentivised me to kick start a new healthly eating and fitness program, which will hopefully help to burn even more calories over the coming months.
  • Jeremy Martin "pharm30" - works for me!Have had GI/IBS problems for years - almost daily problems with stomach upset and sudden urges. Hated to go out to eat because I didn't know if/when it would hit me.
    Have taken this for about three weeks, have had only one event in over two weeks!
    I also feel less bloated and less gas after I eat. It pretty much made me regular within a week, something that I have been trying to achieve for years.
    Try it - If you were as bad as I was, ANYTHING that helps even a little bit is completely worth it! (although it could be a little cheaper, haha).
    I was skeptical, but now I feel great.