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  • Vickie R. "GlamFan" - Good Deal on Amazon

    I purchased this Protection Plan thru Amazon because it was much cheaper than buying it directly from the McAfee website. I have to admit I was a little hesitant because I don't always have the best of luck installing new programs as I am not that tech savvy and as I feared, when I tried to install it, an error came up and it wouldn't install. Fortunately, McAfee provided a customer service phone number for problems. I called, the tech who answered quickly took over my computer and had the system installed within 5 min. Very easy, very professional and it works great! Would not hesitate to purchase from Amazon again. Plus, with Amazon Prime I had this in my hands in 2 days from ordering. You just can't beat that kind of service.

  • Toddler Mom - Align helped me (I have IBS constipation type)

    I have had IBS constipation type for years. I take Citrucel and flax seed in water daily and eat 1 yogurt a day. Still constipated.

    2 weeks ago, was the worst...I took Miralax, Sennekot with stimulation pills, and 1 bottle of Magnesium Citrate (along with my usual daily Citrucel, Flax seed, yogurt), still barely had any stooling.

    Within 2 days of taking my 7day trial of Align (opened directly from the "stay fresh" Blister pack), I have been having bowel movements daily this week (for the first time in my life).

    It's embarrassing to discuss this topic with all these Amazon readers. But, as always, I want to help, even if it means my face is bright red right now.

    I'm very surprised, but I am now an official believer. Hopefully, you can get a 7day free trial pack from Align so that you can see if paying approximately $1 per pill is worth it for you.

  • Bookworm - A Southern Girl at Heart

    I love southern style cooking (I am in Australia). This cookbook has good, homestyle meals with a Southern twist. Some recipe ingredients are little hard to find here but I often find substitutes. The cake recipes are amazing. So if you like to bake this for you.
    Not enough photos though, I love to see the finished product. I especially enjoy the special Holiday menu's, again there are some very interesting twists on old favourites.