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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • K. wilson "forkdude52" - Great show but had a problemLoved both discs and did not have all the video noise on my blu-ray BUT i could not get it to play with the DTS sound.It wouldn't play when you pressed surround it just froze on both discs.I just pressed play finally just to watch it before i send it back.Loved the show and can't wait to hear it like it should be.Hope no one else has this problem
  • Dan Murdock - Awesome softwareThe best part of this software is the ability for my wife and I to enter our receipts on the fly into our smartphones and tablets and then have it sync once we get home!
  • Jennifer O'Connor "Author, 'Mastering mental ... - In a word: ThoroughIn a few more words: Informative, Organized, Comprehensible.

    As a lifelong learner and a college-level 3DS Max instructor, I know the value of well-written explanations and frustration-free examples, and Jeff delivers on both counts with "Mastering 3ds Max". It makes a big difference for students when the materials do not get in the way of learning and enjoying the program. I've used a lot of books in my years teaching, and Jeff's "Mastering 3ds Max" is my choice for both my Intro and Advanced 3ds Max classes. If you are an instructor, be sure to check out the Instructor Companion Site on the Sybex web site and the wealth of materials Jeff produced to assist you in teaching with his book.

    I know Jeff through the 3ds Max community and as a fellow Sybex author, and know the tremendous amount of work that went into the creation of this book. Jeff's talent shows in every page, and no matter what your experience level with 3ds Max (I'm over 20 years) you will learn a lot as you work through the book.

    If you want to be knowledgeable and efficient in 3ds Max, read this book cover-to-cover. I give it a very well-deserved five stars.
  • S. Phillips - Don't know how I ever lived without itVery easy to set up and very easy to use. wifi only is sufficient for my needs, I mostly use it at home. I use my Wi-Fi connection through my Verizon hotspot. I use it to check my email, send and receive text messages, and for surfing the Internet. I have also downloaded a variety of apps. Battery life seems to be pretty good. I have not had any issues with my iPad.