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  • Bonnie Abdul-Hassan "Archery Girl" - Beyond space and time"...interference. You are receiving this broadcast as a dream. We are transmitting from the year 1-9-9-9. You are receiving this broadcast in order to alter the events you are seeing. Our technology has not developed a transmitter strong enough to reach your conscious state of awareness, but this is not a dream. You are seeing what is actually occurring,"
  • NCS - think for yourself? sounds good to meIt's funny, i was recommending this book to a friend after reading Expecting Better a few weeks ago, and she asked me if it was the new book with all of the controversy. I had no idea this book was considered controversial! but sure enough when i looked at the amazon reviews i was shocked to see so many one star reviews. After reading the reviews, both positive and negative and the subsequent comments, it is quite clear to someone who has read the book that most of those that have given the book poor reviews have not, in fact, read the book they are "reviewing". While i respect those that are caring for persons affected by fetal alcohol syndrome, i think by not reading the book, it's clear they may have missed the point of the book. The book does not advocate binge drinking or even moderate drinking. It simply presents the information obtained via medical studies. Oster is more than qualified as an economist and expert in statistics to review studies and determine their merit. In fact, she is more well prepared to do this than most physicians. Most physicians take one or two graduate level statistics classes. This is not to say that physicians do not know about medicine, but that data interpretation (even involving medical research) is not their area of expertise (it is, however, Dr. Oster's). This book merely advocates thinking for oneself and making informed decisions. I'm not sure how this could be a bad thing?
  • Theresa Newman - Have seen phenomenal growth in 3 1/2 weeks!/* Background info */

    One of my friends recently got me into *REALLY* hot peppers, and I was soon disappointed with the selection (or lack thereof) of even hot peppers available locally. I would consider a habanero to be hot, but nowhere near the hottest I've ever had. And so it seemed I had a new quest - I would grow super-hot peppers, since the chances of getting any from the stores around here were nonexistent.

    I've only had success when placing a few seeds in a plastic cup filled with dirt and watering sporadically. Peat pellets never worked for me. While lurking a forum dedicated to everything peppers, I saw someone using an Aerogarden and was amazed at how beautiful their plants looked. I had to have one, and sure enough, pay day came around, allowing me to justify the investment.

    While I was waiting for my Aerogarden to arrive, I managed to prepare some dirt cups (which, as I mentioned, are the ONLY way I’m able to consistently get sprouts) and tomato seeds (by the time my Aerogarden arrived, I had already planted enough pepper seeds to suffice for this year) to test if it would actually improve the speed in which my plants grow. Wow! What a difference there is between the two!

    I probably spent more time planting seeds than assembling it, so it definitely wasn't confusing.

    SIDE NOTE: I did NOT end up using the seeds that came with it, so I cannot attest to what the germination rate on those is like. Instead, I used the Aerogarden garden starter system. because I knew that I would be requiring more than seven plants, and I couldn't dare warrant spending another $130 for yet another system. Besides, it was only $20. I've spent more than that on a trip to the movies. I wasn't disappointed, although it may prove to be a bit of a problem should the plants outgrow their allotted space. Until then, though, I can say I highly recommend Aerogarden’s garden starter system. It’s awesome.


    This growing system works very well. It’s almost scary how much bigger my plants are compared to my alternative method. Seriously, I used seeds from the same package, planted at the same time, and the Aerogarden plants are at least twice as big. So yes, it works.

    Ease of Use:

    The Aerogarden is definitely the easiest (and most successful) method of growing plants I’ve used. You add water and nutrients (after preparing the sponges), tell it what ”mode” to use (live plants, vegetables, etc.), and wait. It will inform you when you need to add water and nutrients. However, I find that it doesn’t hurt to add water when it’s a little below the “fill to here” point, even though it won’t immediately indicate the lack of water on the display.

    My only concern is that mine says “Aerogarden 6” when it was advertised an Aerogarden 7, although other than that, the description matches the product received 100%!

    In Conclusion:

    I strongly recommend this product. I have witnessed phenomenal growth through my Aerogarden, especially when compared to the conventional medium that is dirt. Also, it lets you know when to add water and nutrients, eliminating the risk of over-watering, which many will appreciate.

    I’d also like to note that I am in NO WAY affiliated with Aerogarden. I’m just able to recognize that this is a quality product.
  • D. Baltezor - Sometimes older and simpler can be betterI just purchased my second first generation kindle to replace the first one that finally conked out due to my roommate spilling something on it. Yes it's functions are limited compared to the kindle fire or fire HD, but I don't spend a lot of time on the internet and such requiring a multi-use and multi-purpose item like that. I love to read and take books with me everywhere I go, and as any reader knows that can cause your purse or backpack to get heavy very quickly. The kindle allows me to feed my joy of reading without breaking my back. I also like the sd card slot under the back battery cover that allows me to use sd cards to organize and store my books and still be able to have access to them anytime I want regardless of if I have access to an area with whispernet access or not. It also give me a place to store ebooks that have been converted with Calibre (adobe and reader files) to work on the kindle. Anyone looking for a basic no frills ereader should try this older kindles. Much more price friendly for those of us on a strict budget, and very simple and easy to use right out of the box.
  • TravellerTwo - How could anyone not have this in their libraryWritten and illustrated concisely, this book covers everything from health needs, interesting beliefs followed by remote villages and peoples, preventative methods as well as good basic first aid practices. Rather than running to the doctor or emergency for the little things, this book might be able to inform you how to do it yourself. Don't be shy, many of the drawings and information is there to help you with the human body. This would be the book to have during Hurricane or other disasters where doctors and hospitals are unable to help.