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  • Murat - Great gameI've played Diablo II for about 8 years and have to say I am impressed by Diablo III, the only shortcoming of the game I see so far is that there is no PvP but it is coming soon, so I'm not deducting stars for that, I am glad Blizzard is taking their time properly balancing PvP and not releasing it until it is ready.

    Patch 1.0.5 added a lot of content into the game! I am looking forward to all of the other patches and content that will be added.
  • Theresa A. Campbell "Memaw" - It works!For two years I have been trying "to get things in order." Prescription drugs. special diets. other probiotics- nothing worked, and my life was miserable. I heard about "Align" and thought I would try it. If this last resort did not work, then I was resigned to my fate. I am happy to report that after one week, things started to improve. Now, three weeks later, for the first time in two years, my life is back to normal. As both a consumer and a registered nurse, I would highly recommend "Align."
  • gina m. - Garmin Nuvi 50LM 5-inch GPSI love my new Garmin. This is an upgrade from the Garmin Nuvi 255W I had for approx. four years. The only reason I got the upgrade is because my old one didn't have map upgrades. Unlike my old Garmin this one has map upgrades and the screen is larger which I like a lot. Garmin Nuvi 50LM is very easy to figure out for those who aren't tech-friendly, even without reading instructions. Thanks!
  • Bill Radio - The Grill's Great, Customer Service Isn'tThis is our 2nd Char Broil 'infrared' grill. They both work great. However, our Patio Bistro unit arrived with cracked hub caps. This should be a 50-cent item that should cost a buck to send out, right? Hardly! A call to Char Broil directed us to their web site for resolution, which asked us to send a letter...we even included pictures. Over 2 months later a letter arrived saying we need to call them and provide model & serial number and proof of purchase. On our call we reached a very rude agent with a difficult to understand accent who insisted on the serial number. The grill sits in a mountain cabin we won't visit again before the short 3 month warranty expires because they took the first 2 months to respond to the first letter. We hung up.

    A few minutes later we called back. The serial number is not really required, but we were told a 2nd letter is required with a copy of the original invoice (ours is from Amazon) and then, at that time, we can call back, and pay $8.95 shipping to have the replacement parts sent to us. I'm sure by then the warranty will have expired. So, 4 phone calls, 2 letters, and an $8.95 charge for a 50 cent part!

    As a follow up, after posting this comment, and emailing a copy to Char Broil, they decided to apologize and send the parts without further discussion or cost. We'll be satisfied if we do receive the parts, but it shouldn't take 5 contacts.