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  • Murat - Great game

    I've played Diablo II for about 8 years and have to say I am impressed by Diablo III, the only shortcoming of the game I see so far is that there is no PvP but it is coming soon, so I'm not deducting stars for that, I am glad Blizzard is taking their time properly balancing PvP and not releasing it until it is ready.

    Patch 1.0.5 added a lot of content into the game! I am looking forward to all of the other patches and content that will be added.

  • Theresa A. Campbell "Memaw" - It works!

    For two years I have been trying "to get things in order." Prescription drugs. special diets. other probiotics- nothing worked, and my life was miserable. I heard about "Align" and thought I would try it. If this last resort did not work, then I was resigned to my fate. I am happy to report that after one week, things started to improve. Now, three weeks later, for the first time in two years, my life is back to normal. As both a consumer and a registered nurse, I would highly recommend "Align."

  • gina m. - Garmin Nuvi 50LM 5-inch GPS

    I love my new Garmin. This is an upgrade from the Garmin Nuvi 255W I had for approx. four years. The only reason I got the upgrade is because my old one didn't have map upgrades. Unlike my old Garmin this one has map upgrades and the screen is larger which I like a lot. Garmin Nuvi 50LM is very easy to figure out for those who aren't tech-friendly, even without reading instructions. Thanks!

  • Bill Radio - The Grill's Great, Customer Service Isn't

    This is our 2nd Char Broil 'infrared' grill. They both work great. However, our Patio Bistro unit arrived with cracked hub caps. This should be a 50-cent item that should cost a buck to send out, right? Hardly! A call to Char Broil directed us to their web site for resolution, which asked us to send a letter...we even included pictures. Over 2 months later a letter arrived saying we need to call them and provide model & serial number and proof of purchase. On our call we reached a very rude agent with a difficult to understand accent who insisted on the serial number. The grill sits in a mountain cabin we won't visit again before the short 3 month warranty expires because they took the first 2 months to respond to the first letter. We hung up.

    A few minutes later we called back. The serial number is not really required, but we were told a 2nd letter is required with a copy of the original invoice (ours is from Amazon) and then, at that time, we can call back, and pay $8.95 shipping to have the replacement parts sent to us. I'm sure by then the warranty will have expired. So, 4 phone calls, 2 letters, and an $8.95 charge for a 50 cent part!

    As a follow up, after posting this comment, and emailing a copy to Char Broil, they decided to apologize and send the parts without further discussion or cost. We'll be satisfied if we do receive the parts, but it shouldn't take 5 contacts.