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  • Rebekah Woodall - Buy this product!I am 35 years old & have struggled with acne for years! How embarassing to be my age and STILL have this problem. ugh! I have tried everything (except accutane). Nothing ever worked very well or for very long. I was starting to get a little depressed and very self-conscious.

    I bought this on a whim about 6 months ago after reading on the acne.org blog. I bought the regimen: cleanser, treatment & moisturizer + jojoba oil. I use the cleanser every morning then do my normal routine of SPF moisturizer &makeup. I do the complete regimen at night. The way everything works together is different from other brands. It does NOT make your skin itchy or dry at all. I can't express what a difference it has made! I occassionally will get a tiny bump but if I treat it at night it's usually gone by in the morning. Seriously! I just started using this on my son who is just starting to have a few bumps. It works great on him too.

    If you are having ANY acne- please try this! It's changed my skin dramatically.

    Rebekah Woodall
  • Hoss Cartwright - Digestive HelpI had my gallbladder removed about a year ago,since then my digestive system has been out of whack, my Doctor recommended align. I have been taking it now for two months and has really helped. I found the best deal at Amazon,so I do recommend both.
  • tomkennedy - Just the thing for refreshing the maths brainI'm actually an older student who is getting into astronomy and physics, so this very inexpensive text book is a great way to refresh from the basics through to calculus and geometry etc. It's well laid out and easy to follow and has lots of challenging tests at each level of the course. Of course, it is aimed at school kids, but it has much wider appeal as well.