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  • C. Press - 8 Steps to a Pain-Free BackI've had physical therapy, facet injections by a renown physiatrist and researcher in the lumbar spine, and chiropractic manipulation to help relieve the pain in my lower spine. But this book has given me the precise knowledge to properly sit, stand, walk, lie down, and bend at the hip. The book has given me the tools to begin the journey to wellness and to remain in a healthy relationship with my lower back. I am not only fortunate to have read her book but fortunate to have taken her 6-week class reinforcing the precepts of the book. I feel empowered that by learning her methodology I can heal myself.
  • Danny R. Milligan "Metalhead Author" - Gave me a new marriage!Literally, this product is responsible for my introduction to my new bride! I neglected to notify TSA that this particular item had been carefully wrapped in my underwear (I had heard it promoted the glow-in-the-dark capability in one's unmentionables, which I hoped would make my Lion King underwear supremely bitchin'... but I digress) Upon inspection of my carry-on luggage, I was suddenly invited to join several agents in a separate room for a more intimate review of my belongings, which entailed me having to disrobe, for some reason. When one of the ladies present had an opportunity to see what the Doctor saw, she immediately invited me out for dinner, and proposed marriage, that night!


    Of course, it would probably behoove me to tell her that the proximity of said member to said Lion King underwear resulted in a drastic increase in size. Normally, I would let her keep her illusion that I was blessed that way at birth, but said member has recently grown a rather formidable set of teeth, and I am afraid it might bite her, as it has already bitten my shin-bone several times... wondering if I should see a doctor about this... hmmmmm....