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  • C. Foster - Great if you like D2.I don't understand the general negative response.

    It's exactly what I expected. Diablo II with better graphics and some new features. If you didn't like D2 you will not like this game. But if you loved D2 like myself, you'll find this game very fun. :)

    If you don't like endless grinding for items, don't buy this game. That is what it is all about!
  • - Don't leave home without it!If you are the kind of person who would travel the third world by bus, then this book is for you. Five star hotel types need not apply.I found this book useful in diagnosing and treating tropical diseases like parasites, malaria and hepatitis-A. Bubbles in the stool, blood and mucus, how do you sort these tell tale signs out. "Where There Is No Doctor" helps you do this. I even used it to diagnose a case of celebral meningitis and saved the kids life by getting him to the nearest hospital which was 100 miles away. His parents thought it was a case of possession.The information on drugs and doses is also useful, especially in situtations where prescription drugs, heaven forbid, can be bought without a prescription. But then again, that's where you use this book -- Where there is no Doctor. Don't leave home without it.
  • avidstudent - Great valueThis is an excellent value for the price. I have never seen it any cheaper in any store. If you go to Best Buy or any other tech store, the employees will tell you that Kaspersky is one of the best antivirus softwares out there. When I purchased the software last year to renew it, I had to e-mail support several times to troubleshoot renewal problems, but this time around, all I had to do was enter the code. Way easier.
  • InvestNU - Best Challenge YetThis book is a must read for any Christian that is seeking and searching for the true heart of God and how to live out your faith by not just receiving His grace but by being an active participant in the Kingdom of Heaven. Challenging, inspiring and motivational. Couldnt put it down and bought it for my friends in faith!