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  • Shawn Gallagan - Good ValueI've been using this for about a month now on my 2001 Suzuki DRZ400S and I have no complaints. The bike has been cranking over just as fast as it did with the Yuasa battery that I took out (before it stopped working).

    I let it charge overnight on my battery tender (.75 amp) before I installed it and continue to plug it into the tender once a week or so to keep the battery healthy. Can't beat it for the price.
  • Paul J. Ruggeri - This book is almost impossible to read.After each page everything continually worsens. I don't think I will be able to finish reading it. I thought I might throw it aside in disgust and it weren't for the fact I was reading it on my kindle I might have been tempted. After only a few chapters I fell far too ill -- beyond the point of ration thought to go on.

    Now I am getting an inkling to the reason why Ann Coulter has been banned form college campuses. If she is able to drive me to state of revulsion then it is quite possible that she would cause an aneurysm to any liberal there within the first few minutes of her talk. They claim that Coulter is too divisive when she is the opposite; only she is not kind in the way they she goes about speaking her mind. Instead of slowly pulling the band-aid of falsehoods off bit by bit she yanks it away in one merciless motion.

    The book consists of a seamless flow of annotated examples. It is both painful and revealing. I have never seen so many double standards. Stories of O.J. Simpson types crimes where the blacks of a community cheer when the criminal is freed by a mostly black jury and in one instance the jury takes the black defendant to dinner after he killed two drug dealers and shot six police officers. It is not for the faint of heart. Then there is case after case of hoaxes where blacks claim that some race crime as been perpetrated on them; while the media plays it big with hand wringing headlines and lengthy stories. When these race peddling journalists realize that the wool has been pulled over their eyes they either don't report it or bury it. Despite the fact that police have wasted their time, courts have wasted our money and lives of the accused have been forever changed. Meanwhile these hoaxes spark real black on white crimes that get little or no reporting -- some with deadly consequences.

    This book would be a good start in balancing out the curriculum that has brainwashed college students. It sets the record straight and singles out who is really to blame for racial discord in America. A Republican president freed the black people from slavery (Spielberg probably didn't want to remind you of this fact before the 2012 election with his Lincoln film) and more Republicans were for civil rights. Not to mention that Robert Carlyle Byrd, a Democratic Senator, was a member for the Ku Klux Klan, but somehow the Republicans are the racists. Someone on a chat board wrote once, "Not all Republicans are racist, but all racist are Republicans." I dare anyone to read Coulter's book and try saying that with conviction.
  • Brian C. - What a great start...I have only watched the pilot of this show so far. I was not planning on watching it at all since I am not usually all that interested in super hero fare but Joss Whedon's involvement convinced me to give it a shot. The man has had enough hits, and enough success, to know that it is not merely a matter of luck. He's got real talent and I enjoy his sensibility immensely. I was not disappointed in this show at all. Quite the opposite. I decided to watch the first episode to give it a shot but now, after only a single episode, I am hooked.

    The show is full of Whedon's trademark wit. When Phil steps out of the shadows and says "Sorry, that corner was so dark I couldn't resist. I think there's a bulb out or something" I knew immediately whose universe I was in. The writing on the show is easily three steps above most of what you are used to seeing on television. It is still too early to get a full sense of all the characters but from first impressions it definitely seems like Whedon has managed to produce another great ensemble cast. That is one of the things I most appreciated about his prior work.

    There is also a really engaging story. I have a feeling there is some background mythology that I am not entirely following. I have never really been into comic books or super heroes but, in a way, I almost think it might be better that there are things I am not in on. It creates more mystery. I have no idea where the plot is heading but I am definitely looking forward to finding out. I recommend giving this show a shot even if you are not ordinarily into super hero movies or shows. You might be pleasantly surprised.