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  • steve berntson - Honest and incisiveWesley Hill is a gifted theologian who has embraced a difficult path for the sake of his call. In an age when many theologians "revise" Biblical teaching to accommodate contemporary culture, Wesley is faithful to the text of the Bible and is walking in obedience, even when that means living with longings that will not be met this side of heaven. Wesley is to be commended for his honesty and transparency. An excellent book, not only for those struggling with homosexuality, but for all who are seeking a deeper understanding of our human condition and God's grace.
  • Jaclyn - Best thing everThis is so handy and it helps so much with my Medical assisting class. There are a few drugs that are missing that I have looked for but this is a most buy
  • MaryH - 2013 ReviewI purchased a Soda Stream Soda Maker a few months ago from a local Bed, Bath & Beyond store where they also had an abundance of carbonators. The carbonators are $29.99 with no exchange, or $14.99 with an exchange. I've also seen the carbonators at many local supermarkets as well as chain stores like Target, Kohl's and Best Buy. I bet WalMart probably has them, too. What I like: using my own filtered water to make sparkling water anytime I want in a re-usable bottle that I didn't have to pay a bottle deposit on and have to return to a store to get my deposit back. What I don't care about one way or another: the flavored syrups since I'm not a big soda drinker and would rather have sparkling water plain or with a splash of cranberry, grapefruit or orange juice mixed in. What I don't like: can't think of a thing.
  • Hailey McKenzie - Woman using men's rogaine - it worksI am a 44 year old woman who has been experiencing slightly thinning hair since age 39. I went to the dermatologist and had blood work done for my thyroid, hormones, and later a scalp biopsy. The blood work was normal. The diagnosis from the biopsy was androgenic alopecia or what my dermatologist said was hair shedding due to the hormonal changes that come with age. If you google this you'll get a lot of information, much of it contradictory and negative. I should state, my shedding was not visible to anyone but me, but it was an increased thinning. I'd wash and blow dry my hair, look down to the floor and the tears would start flowing. The dermatologist prescribed men's Rogaine foam, applied once a day at night before bed. At two months I experienced a slightly increased shed which admittedly freaked me out! After some research, I found this is normal and decided to stick with it. Now, at four months, the shedding has decreased substantially. From what I understand, the product can take up to 6-12 months to show hair reversal, ie. new growth.

    I also take Elon Matrix 5000 a hair vitamin (not overloaded with stuff, just biotin, silicon, and L-Cysteine) and I also take Nature's Way MSM - one tablet a day.

    Hair thinning for women can be devastating. I normally wear my hair short. However, in a fit of anxiety, at that two month mark I had my hair cut to a Caesar just to prepare myself for what I thought was the inevitable. Needless to say, now that my hair shed has decreased and my hair is growing in nicely, I have only one thing to say - this is treatable and reversible - BUT YOU MUST BE PATIENT and willing to experiment with treatments and/or supplements etc.

    If you are trying this, give it time to work and be consistent. Note: using excess product will not improve the results. Also, because this is a foam, it is important to try to get it on the scalp and not in the hair. Applying the foam to cold fingers will prevent the foam from melting/softening in your hands before you get to apply it.