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  • Elizabeth S Peters - Great in every way.We got this because we drink seltzer water and the bottle use seemed bad for the environment. Our tap water is good so we decided to try this. It is the best thing that we have added to our home appliances in a long time. The bottles keep the fizz much longer than commercial store bought seltzer. I highly recommend this. We have had this for a month.
  • kshek1 - Works great!!I may not be a power user, but I received my TF201 Transformer Prime 3 days ago and I absolutely love it! Before I ordered my Prime i read just about every review, while there were plenty on both sides the reviews along with my own independent research made me a believer over iPad and i am glad I did and am confident I made the right choice.

    Don't let the negative reviews sway you, but do your research and get the tablet that's the best fit for you. If your a Windows, Apple, Droid user learning a new Operating System might prove difficult. I am a traditional Windows user, but the leap to Droid wasn't that big of a leap at all.

    I am preparing this review on my tablet.

    I have also read many reviews saying there aren't many Apps for this tablet, from what i have found, there are thousands.

    In closing I like the new ICS operating system and like the tablet overall.
  • Brian J Short - Great Informational ReadI loved this book. It had a lot of great information. I have so far discussed it in 2 book clubs, and loaned it out to others.

    Many times during conversations I have brought up information learned from this book, and found that it has changed my perspective on how I view garbage. If you have a chance to read it as a group I highly suggest it as it has many great talking points.