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  • Blessed mom - Fabulous!!!This chair is absolutely fantastic! I have a preemie who is finally up to 15 lbs at 18 months and this has been a wonderful purchase. My daughter can finally sit up level to the table with us in any restaurant. It fastens to every table we have tried. It wipes clean and is easy to carry. People often ask us where we got it. We love it- money well spent!
  • Dr.A - First Aid Usmle Step 1 2012Amazing book
    Almost the same content as the 2011 book, but the new book has the images integrated with the text which is very helpful and better for fast reading and the new book has a new great look.
    I like the book and recommend it for all medical students.
  • Junius G Moore - Division Bell is a Must HaveI have been very much into Pink Floyd for a while now and I must say that while Waters was good ( Noone can say The Wall isnt one of the best Rock and roll albums ever made) Pink Floyd has seemed to take a turn for the better when Waters left. Momentary lapse of reason is a good Album in my opinion, Learning to Fly along with a few other tracks such as On the Turning Away stand out as really well written and orchestrated pieces. But Division Bell is the Cream on the cake for the New Pink Floyd band. All the tracks on this Album ( With the exception of Speak To Me, those backup singers just get on my nerves)are good, but the best of all is the last track, High Hopes which is my Favorite song , of Pink Floyd and other groups. The mental immagery and word and sound choices all mix together to give you a sense of the past and makes you relate to it. Very Good piece. Overall Gilmour does a good job in leading the Band through this album. It would be my hope that Pink Floyd will come out with another New Album but I am not so sure that they will. If your young and found Pink Floyd Attractive, definatly get Division Bell. Of all the Floyd Albums Division Bells seems to sound a little more at home with the 80's and 90's generation which may be a reason I like it. Dont get me wrong, the old stuff is exellent too, but this Album was released in my time and i suppose that gives it a different feel to it than the blasts from the Past. Think about it, im outa here.