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  • Jeff Rowe - Computer securityPurchased online from Amazon because it was less costly than anywhere else I looked. Norton is a very easy product to use; they have tech-support that is easy, helpful, and understandable; and the software is user-friendly. Try it - you can always change your mind and delete it (because you didn't spend much,) but I don't think you will.
  • Shawna - Insightful! In fact, the smarter you are, the more you need this book.I greatly enjoyed what Kara had to say, and in the way she said it. I know we all have heard it many times, but for some of us it doesn't seem to sink in. I saw myself, making the same mistake over and over, on every page. How stupid am I? Ironically, like every other woman who eventually picks up a book (or 12) to try to get some insight into what the problem actually is, I am truly a bright person. But I guess my intelligence worked against me. As a problem solver, I took all of the right steps to solve the problem as I understood it: I needed to try harder to make the guy I like to like me. Unfortunately, I framed the problem all wrong. I repeatedly made a type III error--I was too available. I can see where that may have lead guys to question what was wrong with me. Frankly I blame women's magazines like Cosmo and Glamour for making us all a bunch of needy sluts (joking...kinda).

    I am not saying male behavior is great and we should all conform to the rules for the sake of having a man. In fact, we as women may need to deeply consider what it is we really want. I have discovered in my relationship journeys that maybe jumping through all these hoops in order to have a husband or boyfriend may not be worth the effort. If you are a woman who wants to have children, needs financial support from a man, or simply cannot stand to be alone due to how others stigmatize single women, your needs justify the actions outlined in this insightful book. However, if you are a strong, successful woman who likes herself and is looking mainly for companionship, you may want to look for it in your friends--male and female--and find another way to fulfill your physical needs, if needed. I am concerned that I may jump through all of these hoops to end up in a relationship with a man who treats me no differently after 4 months than he did if I had been too easy. I just get the sense that the dysfunction we need to work around in order to have a committed relationship with a man is actually a much more serious problem than we realize.