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  • Dema4 - I think its excellent, very happyI'm happy I upgraded. I appreciate how Windows 8 integrates with other programs (such as facebook and email) and with xbox. Its now very easy to share information and communicate with others.

    I also think Windows 8 excels with the news app, you can easily customize it for what you like to read (hundreds of news sources) and its also easily readable.

    Another place I noticed significant improvement is in the full system searches; from the tile page you can search for anything and then it brings up a search page and you choose where you want to search. This is very nice and fast. Much improved from Windows 7.

    I will admit that at first I didn't know where to start, as much of this above requires you go onto the app store and customize your pc/tablet and there was not a lot of information available to help assist me with this. I found the following apps to be necessary for me; one note, facebook, im+, fresh paint, windows 8 hotkeys, any games you like, and netfilx/entertainment apps.

    I think they are on the right track for the future. Very nice upgrade.
  • R. Evans "Ryan E" - Great Family TabletThis little tablet is a power house! While it may not have the functionality of a iPad, it is great for watching movies, reading, and playing games.

    When taking long road trips my kiddo has used it as a way to keep himself entertained.
  • Erika Maus - Dawkins is great!I absolutely love getting a "behind the scenes" view of Dawkins' life and experiences. The only downside is that this book is not long enough. I found myself trying to read slower and slower toward the end so I could enjoy it longer. His writing flows so naturally, I could read his books everyday.