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  • William S. Stone Jr. - very readableZealot makes a credible argument that the Jesus of orthodox faith is significantly different from the historical Jesus. This book can be disturbing to orthodox Christians, and could be seen as undermining the authority of the scriptures. Aslan distills non-orthodox New Testament scholarship into a readable form. I doubt this book will be the subject of church discussions. The most disturbing revelation to me was how the New Testament's non-historical depiction of trial of Jesus became the basis of centuries of anti-semiticism. This is not a forgettable book. Though its target is not scholars, it is one that should be debated and argued in halls of academe.
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    -Marcus Norman
  • jIagulli - Works. What more can you want?Decent size. Not too small to the point where USB devices have trouble fitting in next to eachother, but not overly big either. Odds are, if you're looking at this, you're using a laptop. I think they reached a nice balance with the dimensions of the product.

    Everything else, works as expected. USB3 speeds with charging. Plug it into the wall for power, to your computer for data, and whatever you plug into it has access to the speed & power they need.

    If you are running a desktop, though... I'd recommend buying a PCI card instead. That way you aren't sacrificing 1 USB port to add 4, there's nothing more to plug into the wall, and you have less cable clutter.

    But if you're on a laptop, PCI cards aren't an option so this is what you wanna get.
  • Ben Chetcuti - Everybody should read this book.No matter what religion or philosophy you subscribe to, you must read this book, and begin to ponder the possibility of learning about moral truths by a more rigid and so-far successful method - Science.

    Sam Harris can change the way you think about morality, and even if you may not agree with every conclusion he makes, you will still be better off for having pondered the questions he poses.
  • M. Bellmore "Melvin" - Outstanding!I rewired my media room this past weekend and I could not be happier. I was weened on albums growing up, real, genuine albums and I always thought that no CD could beat their true, warm sound. That was before Denon. I swear, it sounds like the Beatles are playing there right in front of me. Also, I am a sufferer of ED and hadn't made love to my wife in years, the night I installed these bad days I was good to go ;)