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  • kaon2009 - Enlightening for some, disturbing for othersUsing his own research and that of many others, Reza Asian has put into one comprehensive book, an easy-to-read, fascinating account of the early Christian era. It is a great service to anyone with the slightest interest about the life and times of Jesus. But be warned, if you are a Biblical literalist, you may find the the book disturbing. However, for me, and I think for many of us, it deepens and strengthens Christian understanding and faith.
  • Daev Finn - A Man Reviews the Conscious BrideI'm a 35 year old man who read this book at considerable threat to my masculinity. I read it at coffee shops, doctor waiting rooms, and finally as I grew more bold, in the gym where I received withering looks from neckless men who were obviously out of touch with their feminine side.It's a deceptive book, that hides something for a man who can see beyond the powder blue cover with a pert bride who sits dreamily in thought. In it I see what roller coaster the bride is on, as well as seeing myself reflected in those pages. It made me feel that I wasn't alone in my experiences with family and my bride, (now ex-wife) and I wondered to myself, where was this book when I needed it?This book works on different levels that allows a reader to become more aware of unconscious processes and therefore more grounded in their wedding process. This awareness doesn't just apply to the wedding experience though, I find it helpful in giving me awareness about the processes to my everyday life.The author discusses big issues that newly weds deal with as well as their families. She grounds us in the discussions by making us aware of the the things we didn't want to talk about. She sharpens our awareness of ourselves on a journey that treads inward and finally into a discussion of the nature of relationships in our culture and how this is changing. Imagine a future where no-neck guys in gyms openly read and discuss the Conscious Bride without shame.In the end I felt the healing effects this book had to offer a man who went through many of the things she discusses. I found myself feeling no longer alone, and suddenly able to put context to my experience and hopefully the awareness that I will need to make my next experience more positive.Yes, buy this book. Put it in your book collection and refer to it. Give it to friends who are getting married. Talk about it in coffee shops, near the water cooler, and in gyms with guys that have no necks.