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  • Brian C. Smith "BARON" - SUPERB"SCHLOCK"The title of this review "Superb schlock" is using my view of Ann [superb] and one of a liberal acquitance [ who has NEVER read Ann ]- "schlock." Only a democrat can expect to know nothing about something and consider themselves expert. I have read all of Ann's books and this is probably on par with each of them,except for the masterpiece "DEMONIAC." Ann is a brilliant essayist.She states her thesis and then ably proves it cogently and cleverly. This book is about the way democrats make everything about race. I thought it interesting that on "The View" the rude,farting Whoopi Goldberg immediately pounced on Ann by interrupting her and saying,"you don't know what it's like to be black! " - proving her point before she could even begin to discuss her book.Hence proving though Whoopi hadn't read the book, she was an expert on it. More of an expert than the writer herself. The book isn't about being black,it's about the exploitation of race as a political weapon used by democrats over the years and currently by the resident in the white house. As I said,this book is on par with her other ones,except for DEMONIAC,but in any case all Ann's books are worth reading because of her fine crisp prose and her stellar thinking.
  • ethomas1988 - A miracleNothing worked for me-not "clinical" antiperspirants in the drug store or prescription ones from my doctor. I thought that I would be wearing black shirts and jackets for the rest of my life. However, this wonderful product caught my attention and I have never looked back. It truly has changed my life! I can confidentially wear whatever I want now-including casual t-shirts and light colors. I never thought this would ever be possible. I can't imagine ever stopping using this product.
  • John C. Frandsen - Another Home Run for Hillary MantelThis one's every bit as good as Wolf Hall--her first novel of Thomas Cromwell's role during the reign of Henry VIII, and I eagerly anticipate the arrival of the next one in the likely trilogy. She well deserved receiving the Booker Prize for each of these novels, for they immerse one in the England of that time and the intrigues of Henry's court. Though we will never have a factual analysis of the life and personality of Cromwell, for the requisite historical information does not exist, Mantel's creation of it is both plausible and fascinating. This book, like Wolf Hall, is difficult to put down until you have finished it. It is a very good read.
  • Allan Meeks - amazing productivityI have had my Prime for a week now. I have tested just about every aspect of use that would be usable for my needs.
    WiFi/Bluetooth/video playback/PDF reading/battery life/Web Surfing

    *WiFi I have had no issues for connecting with anything. I'm not to particularly needy with my signal strength so i have not really been to anal about the strength but if I can send a wireless print job to a machine over 300 ft away its all good, connecting to customer's WiFi signals, Hospital WiFi and anything that my iPod Touch picks up my Transformer Prime will pick up.

    *Bluetooth I have been syncing any device or phone to send mp3's, and video left and right

    *Video Playback, I run many point of sale booths for concessions at local events. Using this for video has been very good for the one event used so far. I have downloaded 1080p resolution videos and this tablet has yet to hiccup.

    *PDF reading, I know this would be a standard for many thing that has adobe acrobat but It is important for me like tonight When I sat down with a few doctors that wanted documented proof of product information, so i just used Polaris office to bring up the information. I'm also using this as a replacement for Service manual, Service documentation, Part breakdowns for any equipment that I would normally need a laptop to look up or an internet connection.

    *battery life, I pull my transformer Prime off of the charger at about 7:30am and i usually get home about 5pm. that's about 9-1/2 I'm usually at about 45% to 30% battery life after using it for the above uses

    *Web Surfing, when ever I go to a customer site I connect to the internet and log in and out for work, check my companies dispatch screens to look for what i am to do for the day. I also use it for connecting through a VPN to look at inventory for parts and pricing Inquiries. and to check on company vehicle GPS to look for other local technicians to assist if need be. I have used the installed browser and added Firefox, i have to say that using Firefox seems to be faster for certain sites and ASUS's browser seems to be better for others. its all where i need to go to know what browser to use.

    I have noticed a problem with the screen glitching when i have a lot of programs running, but closing this out ends that.
    I have yet to see any real problems with any hardware or software.

    btw if you are looking for a game get RIPTIDE!!!
  • J.A.M. - Big man, Pig manIf ever there was a worse crime in the history of rock and roll than the general public ignoring Animals, I don't know what it is. (Maybe the studio disc on Ummagumma). I must admit, the first time I listened to this album, I was immeasurably disappointed. I had just purchased three Floyd CDs: Meddle, Division Bell, and Animals. Much to the opposite of my expectations, I loved Meddle, detested the overbearing tripe of Division Bell, and wasn't pleased at all with Animals, which I thought would be my favourite. I mean, it's right between Wish You Were Here and The Wall!
    Maybe I should have remembered that I hated The Wall at first, too. Because the more I listened to this album, the more I liked it. Some of Floyd's works took me and grabbed me and FORCED me to listen with a dumb grin - specifically, WYWH and The Dark Side of the Moon. And some took a little getting used to, like The Wall. And that's what Animals did. Because, in reality, it's one of the band's very best albums.Animals is a solid rocker throughout, framed by two acoustic pieces that are irritating the first time, endearing the second time, and eventually become dear to your heart. "Dogs" is the hardest track to like, since it splices two musical styles and lasts a full seventeen minutes, but once you catch on to it it stays with you. "Pigs (Three Different Ones)" is one of the band's very best rockers - and manages to make lines like "Big man, pig man, ha ha, charade you are", which look absolutely terrible on paper, come alive. "Sheep" starts out slow, then Roger and David commence their crashing. Roger screams out long passages of lyric in one breath, and David answers him with a guitar slam of epic proportion. The guitar at the end of this track is absolutely stunning. The lyrics in Animals make you really respect these guys. My personal favourite part of the album is the ending of Dogs, that describes the destruction of the title animal. But perhaps the best line in the album is this, which may look ponderous when written out but which flows perfectly with Roger's singing - "And it's too late to lose the weight you used to need to throw around".
    So, anyone who doesn't like this album and who is a genuine Floyd fan should listen to it again. I did, and I'm so very glad I did. Because this has become one of my most treasured CDs.
    (P.S. The inflatable pig is pretty cute, too ;))