Varodem Medical Compression Company - Varodem - Varodem Medical Compression Company producten ingezet bij de behandeling van lymfoedeem, lipoedeem, veneus oedeem, chronische veneuze insufficiëntie en PTS.

Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

  • Ksenia - Great guideIt is true that organic and healthy became quite trendy. But this book is Honestly a great equilibrium between "What you need to do" and "what you want to do" in order to stay healthy. Everyone can find some tips in there. Plus, it is perfectly organized, nicely presented and just a great book to have in your house. I first read it from cover to cover, and now it's on top of my coffee table so I consult one chapter or another from time to time.
    Thanks a lot Jessica for doing such a wonderful job.
  • Reese experience - perfectOk let me help someone. I purchased the product used it since i've had it twice. Little bit about me, I am a heavy I mean heavy underarm sweater! I don't think you all understand me, I sweat soooo much under my arms I show sweat puddles through my suits. Now I think I have someone attention let me tell what this product did for me. I used this product after my evening shower as directed, it has a foul smell to me but o'well right lol. That next morning I put on my regular degree for sent, and I did not leak a drop under my arms until it was time to shower again! I would live by this stuff, trust me read some of my other reviews and see i'm a real guy I am not getting paid to leave this review (although I should lol). I currently use a doctor perscribed product now, not because this product don't work but because I rather deal with the smell of my current product. So in conclusion if you're in denial, or debating weather to or not purchase I would recommend this to ya try it out.