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  • David - Fantastic Security ProtectionI received a e-mail from one of my friends that had a download attached to it. I never open documents like that unless it comes from a friend. The second I pushed the button to download, my Norton Internet Security 2013, automatically recognized this as a malicious virus, blocked and deleted it. Apparently, it was a self-replicating virus designed to lock your computer up. I also love the fact that my Norton's security is constantly running in the background, keeping my computer virus free, but also making sure that my computer is running at optimal performance. It's back there doing it's thing, but such a way, that you don't know it's doing it until it's through. There is no discernible slow down of any internet or computer function. When it's finished cleaning up your computer it opens a little window at the bottom to tell you what it has done. I would recommend this program 100%
  • Sarah Langdon - GreatObviously a must have for every medical student! Great review of topics and ways to memorize things for Step 1. Obviously not to be used to learn the information though, it is not in as much depth.
  • S.A. "bham" - Even better with the hot dog attachmentMake your banana slicer even more useful with the optional hot dog attachment. The prongs hold the hot dog at a very slight curve. So perfect for those days where it is bananas in the morning, and beanie weenie at night. I have literally doubled the effectiveness of this incredible tool.Back to buy a backup in case mine ever breaks.