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  • Hokie3 - one of our best purchases! great for booths!This thing is great! I was worried at first about a hook on high chair because perhaps many tables wouldn't support it... But surprisingly, many do... However the BEST thing about this is we can hook our little gal onto the table on the inside of the booths at our favorite restaurants - she loves it and so do we - she's tucked in and less "out there" within the restaurant so if on the rare occasion she decides to "act up" a bit, she's not disturbing all the other diners and not the center of attention... We feel more comfortable taking her a lot of places that aren't "kiddie restaurants" since we can be more discreet! It's also more of a cozy table for us all! No worries about a restaurant high chair not being the right height for the table... She can saddle right up next to us and be part of the action and feed herself items we give her off our plates (we place a disposable placemat over the table before we hook this on & it works great!)! We've even hooked her on a hightop table (that was attached to the wall) and it worked great! We love the fact we don't have to worry about her picking up germs from the last kid who used the restaurant's high chair either! This seat is very comfy for her, good quality fabric (love that it can be detached for cleaning), is sturdy and easy to attach and unhook to the table as well. She's 10 months now and about 19.5 lbs. The fact that the carrying bag is attached is a great feature. My only fault with it is that its a bit difficult to clip the waist band in around her when we have her in the booth... But its not that big of a deal! It would also be nice to have a wider carrying strap as the cinch string is a tad uncomfortable over your shoulder. Another thing that would make this chair even better is a slight "recline" feature for when our little diner wants to cash in her chips early! :-). Overall, we highly recommend!
  • MONTYHADES - it workedI am always not so sure about pills like these ones, but this product actually did work, plus they make my stomach feel better, I am more regular now and they don't taste bad or ar hard to swallow, happy with this.
  • MrLook4justice - Thank you for keeping watch on this countryA studied examination of how the history of policing is performed. It continues to reveal how policing has encircled, entwined, and constricted our United States Constitution’s Fourth Amendment, while politicians aid and abet it. It is common knowledge that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Bradley Ralko shows where power given to the police is coming from: Our government and its silent financial grants. There is no conspiracy here. It may be unqualified judges, anemic politicians kowtowing to lobbyists, and a uniformed public. Be that as it may, “Warrior Cop” exposes our failing of the watchers of our rights, as it would appear they have turned to the power of might.
    Using slogans of “war,” our politicians have used the verbal cross-hairs of that term on our citizens to tragic consequences. Politicians provide enormous financial grants of money and military supplies to police departments, no matter how provincial they are, where they use them and excessive force against our citizens. The book reveals how the police departments explicitly use that money, flagrant ignorance of the Constitution, and militarized weaponry to invade, intimidate, and literally shoot and kill innocent citizens with impunity.
    I believe that this book may be the most tragic drama written in the United States in that it may infer that citizens could be implicitly overcome by surreptitious grants of government money and explicitly violence-driven “warriors,” who have neither respect nor a faculty for the citizen.
    We need to watch the watchers (“Quis custodiet ipsos custodies?”) I would have been fulfilled with a solution to this egregious policing problem of violent militancy: A chartered Federal police that polices the police.
    Excellent book.