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  • ComfyShoeMaven - Excellent ProductI bought this as a Gold Box special, and it arrived a few days before I was to have some major surgery.

    I wanted to get all my affairs in order just in case, and the Will Maker helped me accomplish this.

    The program takes you through each step, and you just plug in the information. What is great is that it provides the form that is considered legal in each state.

    I created a will, a medical power of attorney, and advanced directive. I had an advanced directive that I had found on the Internet, but the one in Will Maker is much more thorough, and takes into account many of the directives that my doctor told me should be included.

    All this, plus the free legal encyclopedia, made the purchase very worthwhile, and I highly recommend it.
  • Bethany - Very good bookThis book will tell you everything that you need to know about the Body Ecology Diet. Although there's quite a bit of information, it's explained very simply. To tell you from personal experience, my husband and I used the advice in the book to give our four-month-old son young coconut kefir, which completely cleared up his very bad eczema. It was amazing!