USL Medical - USL Medical - USL Medical is a NZ-owned, private company which provides medical consumables, equipment and related services to the NZ healthcare industry. Our customers include District Health Boards, Aged Care facilities, General Practitioners, Specialists and many other primary care providers. USL Medical has been servicing the NZ healthcare industry since 1984 and our success has been built on providing quality products supported by people who pride themselves on delivering world-class service.

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City: Auckland, Auckland

  • R. Dixon - Solid Travel AssistantI first used the 1998 versions of Trip Planner and Streets. This updated version has really moved the programs (which were previously two separate programs) into the 21st Century. I have two different GPS devices, but honestly prefer to have pre-printed instructions and pre-printed clearly marked maps before I ever leave the house. Simply stated, this program allows you to thoroughly plan your trip before you ever get behind the wheel. A feature that I really like is that Streets and Trip Planner lets you look for places of interest along the way; once you find a potential stop, you can search for information and decide whether it is a stop worth making; this can all be done in the comfort of your home. I can't imagine taking a vacation without Microsoft Trips. Innovations that were not on my old version of the program: 1) Free regularly updated construction information. You can update right up to the day you leave. 2) Once you've loaded the program onto your PC, you don't have to put the disc in every time you use it. Another plus with Microsoft Trips is that I have never had stupid or blatantly incorrect instructions from the program. Trips always gives me the shortest route with no irrelevant side trips. I do not have a GPS that will interface with this program, so I can't comment on those capabilities. Running Windows 7 64 bit I have not had any problems with the functioning of the program.
  • Abdul - Excellent bookIt is an essential book for medical students, residents and practicing physician.
    short and uptodate
    I have been using it since last several years.
  • jswilkes - WD My Book Live Duo 6TBThis is a good network hard drive. The only downside is the public folder. Everyone that has access to the hard drive can download files to the public folder. Not that big of deal still worth 5 stars. I also added another WD 2TB external hard drive to this one (USB2.0/3.0 connection) and I can move folders back and forth with ease. For a network hard drive this is a sound investment.

    Update: After using this network hard drive for over three months no problems or worries. It is very slow with videos outside of my home network but I mostly use it for files and music and I have no problems with transfer speeds with my laptop or phone. It also sends an e-mail if something happens (restarts) which is nice if something should go wrong with a hard drive. I still give this 5 stars for ease of use and accessibility.
  • jaynee - love love this bookI love the passporter's book. I first bought one in 2007 as a newbie to Disney world travels and it helped me so much. I used it for the next 3 years when scheduling trips to Disney and just bought a new version for my trip the first week of May. Very helpful information, easy to ride, nice pictures, nice guide and great to see the ratings in terms of their opinions (author of the book) compared to the opinions of the general public which I really like to see. I have also purchased and used other books and this one by far is the best out there!