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  • S. Hodges - Great item even if you're not scaling mountains!I am super happy with this item! I needed a day pack that I could wear comfortably in a crowded area, sit easily without removing it (&%#@ those backpacks!), and get to items quickly without removing it. I can carry camera, cell, wallet, snacks,etc, and still have both hands free to corral a 5 year old! For anyone with a CHL ticket, it's perfect--the shape of items in the inner pockets are completely shielded by the outer pockets. I was concerned whether to order the small or the large,because I want to wear over jackets sometimes--and the "small" is perfect. I e-mailed the company for advice, and they replied quickly & completely. I'm an average sized woman, and even with a jacket, there is plenty of room in the straps to change sizes. Quality is excellent, service excellent as well. Everyone will ask you where you got such a convenient pack!
  • arthur kaell - as thankful as the othersLet me add one more praiseful review.Our child was diagnosed with Crohns at the age of 12. He quickly developed severe symptoms, and underwent a number of treatments and a number of hospitalizations. Surgery seemed imminent. Associated with this history were different dietary and feeding regimes (tpn and naso-gastric feeding, for example). During one hospitalization, which lasted about 3 months, I found time to read this book which a friend had given me some months earlier. It was an absolute revelation. It seemed to provide an exact explanation for patterns and timing of symptoms which were simply inexplicable in the context of any discussion with doctors.One example, and there were several others: The standard advice given by doctors with regard to nutrition and Crohns seems to focus almost exclusively on the physical process of food passing through the bowel, rather than causality. That is, if the bowel is constricted by inflammation, roughage should be avoided. On such a diet -- which in practice was heavy on processed food, starches and sugar -- several symptoms of our child's intestinal distress visibly increased, though drugs -- objectionable for other reasons -- controlled the inflammation. Our child (who is now 14) has had the discipline to stay on this diet for close to a year, though many of his favourite foods were eliminated. Since starting it he has never had a relapse of the disease, or the intestinal symptoms associated with it. This has been essentially without drugs. This very much contradicted the predictions of doctors who were urging the continued use of powerful drugs. I might add that his observance has not been absolutely religious. Very occasionally for social or simply for personal reasons he briefly departs from the diet. In his case this seemingly has no ill effect, contrary to the tone of the book and several of the reviews.I think that we owe a great measure of thanks to Elaine Gottschall.