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  • Leman Woo - IMHO the best wifi speakers on the market…highly under ratedI've searched all over for wifi speakers to match my remodel. Tried the Bowers and Wilkens Zepplin and A7, Poineer (A series), Klipsch G-17, and even McIntosh McAire. These speakers look great and sound better (IMHO) than a single speaker putting out stereo sound especially at 60% off retail. There's better separation and balance. I would rate this just above the Klipsch G-17 (4 stars) for sound.
  • C. Dickerman "lee lee" - when your doctor does not have the answer look hereFive gastro doctors and years later, I finally reached bottome after numerous intestional surgeries and decided if I could find help I would do whatever was necessary. I take on and off courses of specific antibiotics after my new gastro doctor did a little known test that had to be sent across country to the cutting edge Massachusetts to find the critters in my body, I take high quality specific probiotics and I STAY on this diet. Two months later, things are beginning to turn around. Choices are be sick all the time and in agony or get your dicipline on and just DO IT>
  • S.Cline "Insanity Not Required Will Train" - AMAZING BOOK! WOWSERS! YOU'D NEED A FORKLIFT! :)William Stanek is getting better every time, just when I got done with his other book on Windows 8 Pocket Consultant; which should be renamed Windows 8 Consultant Bible for it pretty much what it is; but this Windows Server 2012 is loaded to the core; and trust me I didn't add this FORKLIFT in there to be funny; for this is one huge book and quite heavy indeed! Superimposed, I must add, it is exceeding impressive as Stanek goes into the depth and core in all aspect and details, covering all the bases within and without; it isn't all about Active Directory or the Cloud; but rather as one as an individual or as a Corporation, with all the how to's in configurations including the hybrids and so forth and includes all the codes and inputting and commands and such the like which is imperative to operate the Windows Server 2012. Stanek doesn't stop there; but also expounds why you can't do this or you can't do that and the results of doing so moreover the proper way of doing this as well as that and the result and outcome thereof as well as making sure all the bases is covered from every corner from security to the user; it isn't all about A.D. (Active Directory) and this simplified Hyper-V; Windows 8 has gone beyond the comprehension in technology in the World of Server that it makes Server 2008R2 look "Ancient" in the light of Server 2012's glory.
  • ryan wagner - Works like it shouldI love this hard drive. No problems so far , i use it for all my media files.
    The very bottom of this drive comes apart to show a Sata port. So if you have a old hard drive you want to see, just plug it into this and your good to get your old files out.
    My only complaint is when you plug it in it takes maybe 20 seconds for the computer to recognize it.