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  • Atomicwasteland - Where do I plug it in?I have always been frugal, and never really the life of the party, but this changed last week. (Thank you Amazon!) Anyway, my friends were making fun of me at the club. They were buying Crystal and doing shots of 30 year old scotch. They kept asking me when I was going to "Bring it!" Well, I had been dealing with this kind of teasing for years and I just snapped.

    I showed them! When I finally got paid I decided to MAKE IT RAIN. Boys and girls, I went to Amazon and I said to myself that I wanted to find something out of this world -something that NO ONE had. I found this Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable Neuronic Transmittering graphon-flux dynamic sheezon flumming turbo wad-13, or Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable, for short.

    Anyhoo, I spent my life's savings and bought 4 packs of 10 of these bad boys. (Luckily I had Amazon Prime -I picked overnight shipping and went back to the club the next day.) I started handing these out to everyone in the club and they started spinning around and dancing with them. Everyone stared at me like I was awesome. People were hitting each other with these cables, and they were playfighting, and dancing, and singing, and it was just AMAZING.

    Thank you Amazon! Thank you! Thank You! You made it RAIN, and I now have memories of a night I'll never forget... Now, if I can just find rent money...
  • review1234567 - Great resource against fear-mongeringFirst of all, I am appalled by Amazon's policy of allowing reviews from people who clearly haven't read this book, as well as allowing the customer reviews section to be overwhelmed by FAS moms who have turned a usually helpful feature into their own forum to scare and badger pregnant women into submission.

    Secondly, it appears to me that a lot of people seem to be missing the entire point of this book - Emily Oster isn't prescribing anything to pregnant women but giving them the research and tools to make their own decisions. With her PhD in economics, the author is, in fact, quite qualified to help analyze and filter through the myriad of studies regarding pregnancy to allow her readers to make their own intelligent and informed decisions. Additionally, Oster directs the reader to conduct her own research to reach her own conclusions.

    As a pregnant woman who feels as though she has been subjected nonstop since even before her pregnancy to the fear-mongering and medical-industrial scare tactics, I welcomed the point of view from another intelligent, educated woman who refuses to accept advice from a doctor just because he or she is a doctor. What other wonderful advice have doctors imparted over the years that today has turned out to be useless at best or harmful at worst? Everyone's in such a hurry to tell pregnant women not to eat lunch meat, sushi, or drink wine, but why doesn't anyone say anything about pregnant women eating at McDonald's or feeding their unborn babies nutrionally-void foods, like all the processed and chemically-laden crap that's on supermarket shelves these days?

    I digress. To conclude, I believe Emily Oster has written a wonderful resource to be read in conjunction with many other pregnancy books, so each pregnant woman may make her own intelligent and informed decisions regarding her pregnancy, as each pregnancy is as unique as the mother and baby growing together.