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Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

City: Amsterdam, North Holland

  • Natasha - Eye opener!Having been on his intro course, this book opens up a lot more with a few real gems. I bought one for my Mum for Valentines and she too raced through it. I'm now a bigger convert and continue to recommend his work. Not just to get a guy but also a way to improve your networking and social skills.
  • Badwolf - No more banana purée!Prior to this mind blowing invention, I didn't have the means or the ingenuity to get inside of a banana. My family used to put our bananas in the street and I'd run over them with may car at 42 mph. As you can imagine, this wasn't ideal, but it was all we knew. The Hutzler 571 slices thru bananas like Doctor Who slices thru time and space! We're out of the street and back in the kitchen!!!
  • N. Harper - Another fantastic true contempory story; A page turner!Zeitoun, you are a hero who endured tragic, stupid, beaurocratic politics. I cannot wait for Johnathan Demme's film adaptation of this epic true story of a man who was a good citizen: feeding starving dogs, rescuing stranded hurrican Katrina victims in New Orleans, falsing imprisioned, mistreated, a victim of racial profiling. Johnathan Demme, if you per chance are reading this, please read another book that is also incredible: Operation Sunflower by Josef Morawietz. My hope is that you will contact the author and make a film about his life too. His is an incredible story that I believe has never been told: the perspective of a young man forced into the German Army. How incredible to hear his account of the WWII.