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  • lumberjak - I was terrified to purchase this shirt.I thought for sure my wife was gonna be super angry at me. I mean - what woman wants her man walkin around in something so intensely attractive. Once she saw me in it, though, she wouldn't let me take it off. It's been 42 days so far and even after all of the showers, workouts, and errant bites, it's in flawless condition - it even smells new. Pure MAGIC.
  • N. Glenn "Glenn." - In love with LeapPadThis is not our first kid's tablet in our house but we love LeapPads, there is nothing that compares to the variety of games, movies, ebooks, and learning apps available on the LeapFrog download store. This is a fast loading pad, games take half as long on this than the other kids tablet we own. I love the Monster's University theme, the blue is very beautiful and my kids like that everything leappad, gelskin, even the screen cloth features Monster's University. The games from the store are easy to download and can be used on up to three leapfrog systems (Leappad or Leapfrog explorer) and my kids really enjoy the games. This does burn through batteries fairly quickly but we simply keep rechargables on hand to swap out, you can also buy the charging kit allowing you to plug into a wall outlet. All in all Leapfrog hit the mark with this awesome product!
  • rebecca wheeler - Powerhouse of an original Paranormal Romance set in the futureWow, this book has been fantastic! This series is something different from other paranormal series out there. It's a merging of futuristic psychic/emotionless/expressionless beings that control the earth, confronting the wild/sensual/feeling Were races (werecats, werewolves) planning and plotting to take back their earth. It's a very intelligent book, you are fed scientifically how the Psi race works, juxtaposed with the very animalistic/human way in that the Changelings work. You are in Psi Sascha's head as she changes from 'lifeless and existing' to 'feeling' as she works with Changeling Lucas; you are also in Lucas's head as he fights his emerging feelings for Sascha, eventually giving into the inevitability of her being his life-mate. Sascha, growing up with no touching, is overwhelmed by this race of people who Need touch and live with affection and love within their 'pack'. Her only way to fulfill her growing need for Lucas is to feel him in a dream state, not realising Lucas has been drawn in as well. And she let's go her desires, and it's So Erotic!! Panty melting Hot!! But that's nothing, not the mind bending experience of the real thing. OMG, I have to say the sex scenes... Most paranormal romance sex scenes that I have read (so far), although between paranormal beings, still feel like Human sex scenes but with fangs, etc. the sex scenes in this book 'felt' like animalistic Pantha sex - totally original and profound. Loved it. Underlying this story, is a plot-line that Changeling woman have been kidnapped by a Psi psychopath, who is returning them dead to their homes. The Changelings are working undercover, to find the culperit, using Psi Sascha to get them into the Psi network. Along the way, another a Changeling woman is kidnapped, this time the sister of the Were Alpha, of which her death could result in war between the Changelings and the Psi's, which would also result in destruction of the Changelings. The race is on, to penetrate the Psi's, and to find the girl before Los of life. It is also a story about family, and love and heart. I'm not going to give anything away, all I can say is that this book was a page turner, it was fantastically original and exciting. I have purchased the next book.
  • Reader - CSN still puts it out thereIt's great to see this group together through so many years. They are not as young as they once were, but those of us who remember them when are no spring chickens either. Perhaps not at top physical form now, they show a depth of feeling that maturity contributes. I find it interesting that in so extremely youth oriented a culture, talent and maturity still sell well.
  • roebles - Love this!!!!!!!We love love love our stroller; had recieved a used Graco travel system, and are using the infant car seat (free & is good for what it is, can't wait to get out of the infant size car seat tho) But we hated the stroller it came w/. Very heavy & bulky, took up whole trunk space. So we purchased this stroller. Our main concerns were, how much it weighed, compact fold, how much weight could carry (our 5yr old could get in this stroller) AND it's just perfect, love it! very easy to put together too. Love the bright red coloring. Basket underneath not very big, hard time putting my person under (medium size) & not for shopping purchases but will hold jackets and smaller bags. Love that front wheel locks, for jogging & love the extra large canopy, very functional depending on weather