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  • Sarah Brame - An excellent read.While other reviewers seem to be more experienced in the literature on the historical Jesus, I am not one of them. However, this was an educational and enlightening look into the era of Jesus and his apostles, and gave me a better understanding to what I had learned in religion class at my Catholic elementary. I decided to buy this after the Fox News controversy (anchor interviewing Aslan shows she did no research on him before talking with him) and I was not disappointed. Aslan did a great job of educating me on parts of a faith (that I drifted away from) that I never knew and gave me a better picture of the man, not the ideal.
  • Star - Constipation after taking Acai Berry CleanseIm 19 years old, and my bowel movement is regular, i started to take this acai pills since i want to lose weight after 2 weeks it really cleansed my stomach, i didn't feel bloated. After consuming the whole bottle i suffered from constipation 4 days from now. And i read on the internet that it has no side effects. I remember when i was taking this pills i didn't drink lots of water as indicated if taking acai pills, i wonder if this is the reason i'm suffering from constipation..