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  • John Pund "Cycling nut" - Great indoor bikeThis has got to be the best indoor cycle I have ever ridden. The simulated incline/decline with resistance is stunning and iFit allows for custom rides anywhere google maps goes. Will try the live streetview mode using a tablet as I ride next, as the sudden change in tension when you hit a hill can be alarming at first and I usually like to plan ahead and attack higher intensity hills with a higher cadence in a high gear. Great design in the 2012 model with integrated bottle holders and an optional tablet holder. Stoked about being able to ride my favorite streets from the comfort of my home, no matter the weather outside.

    Keep in mind this is a very heavy product and setting it up will require at least one other to cart the box around. Unpacking and carrying the pieces before assembly on another floor is highly recommended.
  • hjpool08 - finally helped my tummy troublesAfter suffering from the after-effects of cdif (bad bacterial problem)for about 11 months, a doctor recommended that I try Align. Although i still got sick a few times after taking it, my symptoms drastically decreased, and I eventually got my intestinal track back where it should be. Even now, over a year after starting Align, I am not planning on stopping. The few times I have forgotten to take it, I could tell a difference! If you go on an antibiotic or are having intestinal issues, I definitely suggest it!
  • kkmom - great buy for the knowledgeI have owned more and more about cake,cupcakes book and also added the cake decorating books.And I also have gone to the Wilton classes.It might leave out some details but just think this book cost only $4.99 at craft store but give you more than the price.This book will teach you 6 flowers.Talking about the details,I think it depends on your experiences and skills too.
  • E. Joseph - Great for planning out your holiday gatherings!I don't buy a lot of cookbooks these days, as the internet is full of great sites for awesome recipe ideas. That being said, this is a wonderful cookbook that is worth putting on your shelf. The book is divided into section by holiday, beginning with New Year's Day. Each holiday has a selection of snacks, desserts and main dishes to choose from. In the back of the book you can also search by food type, e.g dessert, main dish, etc. What a great idea, to have a cookbook arranged by holiday! You can flip through and get inspiration and plan ahead...for instance, She has a lot of cute ideas for Valentine's Day, which I can make a note of early and prepare for, rather than wait until February for Betty Crocker/allrecipes to make suggestions.

    Every page has pretty color photos. I love how Pioneer Woman snaps pics of the food as she prepares it. Some people probably don't need that or care for it, but I find it very helpful and it really gives me an idea as to what is involved in making something. I have not made any of the recipes in this book yet, but I plan to for Christmas. I have never been disappointed with any of the online recipes of hers that I have made.