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  • Valerie Wensel - Phase 3 dropout : (Love the book! Was on the diet for 4 weeks as suggested. Did great on phase 1 & 2. But I get those good fats in there and can't control my portions. I just keep eating and the weight that dropped in the first 2 phases is right back. I am biding my time but will try again. I think the premise is awesome and it supports a way of eating that I feel is good for everyone!
  • LVan - No sleep without it, when Mama's not happy, no one is happylI started with the Canine Coolers and thought they were great! I found a Chillow at a local drug store. At the time, I had migraines and found it very useful. I could put it in place, get back to sleep and could go to work in the morning. Now I am in menopause and most nights I wish I had at least one more or even two more Chillows! I am going to order one now and may be back for a third.