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Country: Oceania, AU, Australia

City: Melbourne, Victoria

  • Teala - Love it!! Pretty cute!I bought this calendar for a gift and ended up keeping it for myself! The artwork is beautiful and I like the sayings it has listed for each month; I find them encouraging. The kitties are pretty cute and I think, adorable. One reminds me of my cat, which is why I decided to keep it. I enjoy viewing the calendar and part of my goal for inner peace and meditation is to read little words of wisdom like these.
  • dsolson - Great softwaregreat software.I love it I cant wait until my drawing tablet gets here.It works fine with a mouse but I will have better control with the table.
  • brwkev - This grill is a must for quick and easy dinner!I bought this with reserves about what I would get, but after it arrived I'm pleasantly surprised. The setup was quick and very easy (normally I will get very frustrated and curse at things before I get it together), I was done in less than one hour with my five year old "helping" me. Since setup me and my wife have grilled steaks, chicken, hamburgers, hotdogs, and fish all to perfection with the grill taste you expect. We placed a small amount of wood chips inside of aluminum foil with holes in it for the added smoke flavor. We may buy a small smoke box in the near future and that would be the only added feature it would need. Just follow the directions 20 minutes before cooking turned up on five to preheat and your ready. Also clean up is a breeze. We use bamboo utensils on it since it does have porcelain grilling surface. Ours is stored and stays even when grilling within 1 1/2 - 2 feet from the wall of our house which is vinyl.
  • Mike Sora - biggest potential in the device just need patience until the right one comeUPDATE 10 JUNE - 2012

    on march as soon as i've asked for a replace, amazon send me new tblet as soon as they get them in stock, this new one change my first rate from 1 star to 5, this is what i asked for, a real tablet with no bugs or things like that, it works flawesly, no more hdmi problems, browser works great, no more gyroscope issues or sensors working randomly, right now this baby is a huge mate, i carry this prime with me everywhere, i've use this tablet for 2 days as music player without connect to a energy source, as AC charger uses a pin/usb conector, i buyd a female/female usb adapter to conect my gamepad, wifi gate is not an issue right now and ive received 1 gps extension from asus directly so if yu dock it, you can navigate in your country without any internet need

    UPDATE MARCH - 2012
    i've use the hdmi connector to use my prime on a TV and guess what, most games doesn't work properly, most of them fails to open when hdmi cable is connected, it's scarry, even movies stop working when connected to a TV, i've decided and asked amazon to a replace (would like to buy a new ipad but right now i'm with a keyboar dock station, and cover sleeve and leather case, if my new prime has some autorotate or sensors problem i definitely shoot myself


    I've been following detailed the launch of different tablets since motorola xoom on january\2010 until now, and when the prime was announced i fell in love and after 1 week of working with it i must say that i love it and i hate it, why? The overall is awesome, it's 110% fluid, no lag, perfect multitask, screen quality awesome but i hate it for just one simple reason (forget wifi and gps issue cuz this one is most important)

    Transformer prime has a critical issue, sensors works randomly so you wont have gyroscope, light sensor, proximity sensor, compass, gravity, orientation etc. My asus right out of the box had this issue, when i take it that day tried to play Riptide GP and guess what, never recognize movement with gyroscope, i have tried with hard reset, wipe and a lot of stuff and realized that in transformer forum (ths big one) there's lot of people with same problem and all of them had called to asus support with no success, others have receive a warranty replacement with no luck cuz new device has also same issue and the only solution right now is reboot device lot of times until you get sensos working properly (just for a little time then it stops working again)
  • littleaccent - Very happy!We are extremely pleased with the Shark so far! It truly does have awsome suction! I went over what I thought was pretty clean carpets and was I ever embarassed! The Shark pulled up a lot of extra dust. It's pretty light to maneuver. The smaller size might fall under "cons" for some, but for me, I think it's a "pro". It gets around all my furniture into spaces my old vaccuum couldn't. I do have to empty the cup often, but I think it's because it's pulling all the left behind dust and dirt from my carpets. I haven't tried it on anything but carpets- I didn't buy it for hardwood/tile floor use. The cord is plenty long enough for maneuvering around my house. I think anyone thinking they can plug only one place and vaccuum their whole house is a being a bit unrealistic. The attachments are easy to use and are all what I need. No they aren't "on board", but I don't care. I usually vaccuum all my flores and then use the attachment all at once. In all, I am a happy user!!