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  • Erik E - Digital DownloadThis is my first time ever purchasing a downloadable software from Amazon or online in general. I downloaded this in 03.2013. I use this for general business needs, and use all three programs regularly.

    This may not be 100% full featured as the Windows version but so far for all of my needs, it has fit the bill. And I do use it fairly extensively to manage a variety of different things for a small business. I find it easy to use and the transition between Windows/Mac for files has been seamless and errorless for the first month. Overall, I am happy, I got what I expected from the software package and it only took 15m to download, then another 2-3 to set up (wi-fi).

    Very happy with the software and the download/set-up process.
  • SandyC - I want another one!After buying two Samsung Galaxy Tab 2's for our household and have been very pleased, we have purchased additional tablets for friends. No complaints and always arrive in excellent condition.
  • kab0720 - Fantastic read!!! No Cliffhanger:)If you enjoyed FSOG or Crossfire series, you will love this book. I started reading it and I didn't want to stop, so excited it is a trilogy. It doesn't have a cliffhanger which I LOVE!!! The next book is about Mia's brother, Jace:) Mia is such a strong character, she NEVER annoyed me, like so many of the heroines do. She was smart, loyal, and wasn't a doormat. I loved the relationship between her and Gabe, he is yummy:) He is a strong possesive alpha male:) I really recommend this book!
  • Sarah - Works Great!This works great! I've only had it for three weeks, but I see a significant difference. The hair is already coming in much slower. I've been using it on my underarms, and I have no stubble in the morning! My only complaint is that the first laser cartridge has already burned out. They do give you a backup, but I'm worried that I'll be going through them really quickly. I'm still rating it 5 stars, though, because it definitely delivers on what it claims it does.

    ****Update! I've been using this product for about 10 months now and it's still working well. I have purchased one new cartridge, but I believe the first cartridge was atypical. The second cartridge lasted quite a bit longer than the first one. If using on legs or large areas, though, you may burn through cartridges faster than I do. It's still an excellent product!
  • Terri J. Rice "ricepaper" - Crushing LonelinessCrushing loneliness, that is how Wesley Hill describes the desperate fear of being alone, his longing for companionship and intimacy, and then recoiling from that intimacy for fear of sinning. It seems slightly cruel, not workable or attainable, to have such a deep longing and desire for something that you must not have.

    Hill never found a book that resonated with the struggle he faces, to live a life glorifying God while remaining in his homosexual desires and believing it a sin to give in to that desire. Rather than giving in to his homosexual desires, Hill has sought to live a celibate life. He writes as one homosexual Christian to another. And there are no quick fixes. But Hill is encouraging and valiant.

    Hill talks of the struggle of learning to live with a desire for human love, for the love of another man and knowing that God forbids it. He encourages those who struggle and endure, and those who struggle and at times fail, but that there is much virtue in bearing up under a long hard struggle. That in fact, a celibate life can be a rich, full abundant life.

    Hill's help has come from four main points:
    1. As a Christian, he has the promise of forgiveness of sin.
    2. The message of what Christ has done on the cross brings hope.
    3. Our bodies belong to Christ and therefore we need to be holy.
    4. The Christian story commends long suffering and endurance.

    For the homosexual Christian, there are no easy answers. It's a struggle to be faithful to the gospel, sacrificing one's will to God's. To leave that lifestyle means never having an intimate sexual relationship; it means severing ties with an entire community. It means being stronger than temptation, every day, every minute.

    It is tragically and tantalizingly out of reach for Hill if he is to be a faithful Christian. He does not delude himself into thinking that maybe homosexuality is condoned or at least permissible. He knows he has to do battle against his will and conquer.

    There are no quick fixes. Hill describes crushing loneliness, a desperate fear of being alone. He longs for companionship and intimacy and then shrinks from that very intimacy for fear of sinning. For the heterosexual, there is always the hope of the unity of two. For the homosexual Christian the loneliness is unremitting.

    Washed and Waiting is written with hope of conquering. Craving human love is not the problem (unless it's idolatrous) but for the homosexual Christian this craving for love needs to be re-socialized into the community of the church. But it's going to take a village, the church.

    Hill writes with obvious empathy, compassion and angst about the struggle to lay down his life of homosexuality in exchange for a greater love.