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  • Sean W. Mcguire "smcg" - Amazon's Reviews Overly Biased??The complaints about DRM are quite frankly, unbased and stupid. As long as you purchase this game, there should be no qualms about DRM. Now in terms of gameplay (which I will actually address, unlike the other 2,000 reviewers) this game has ultimate re playability, and will undoubtedly be recognized as another one of Will Wright's revolutionary games. The progression to space age is pretty quick, but the missions and many tasks you must go through to fully unlock it make for a Master's of Orion-esque game. A must buy.
  • drewski - no problemsI was terrified by the reviews. I have texture issues and gag easily, and thought the night time dose would be unbearable. I used about 6 ounces of water, stirred it for about 5 seconds and drank it IMMEDIATELY; do not wait. I then followed it with another 10 ounces of water and a couple sips of juice. There is a slight aftertaste, but nothing even close to a vomit taste. Kind of like a grainy fiber mix. Personally, i thought the morning rinse was more difficult. That's got a strange taste and you have to swish it around your mouth for 45 seconds. The pills are benign. So far so good.
  • falkon215 - Nice soundbar for the priceSoundbar very nice bass,hook-up was easy,wish it had reg digital audio but it is great for price.Looks very cool and comes with everything you need.Matches my Sceptre 40inch TV which I love,HD picture is outstanding.Hooked up to the computer with ease.all in all great product for the price,awesome sound for the price.
  • Dr. Gonzo - Bought it for the drive, junked the enclosure...I bought this simply for the drive inside, which is cheaper than just buying the drive itself. It's the same drive inside as Best Buy sells the internal drive for $194 and the external for $174. Amazon always has better prices than Best Buy, but you can save even more by ripping apart the enclosure and getting the drive out yourself.
  • Eric Barr - A Timely Book For a Dark TimeKudos to Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard for a fascinating and readable book about Jesus of Nazareth. I teach Christology and have done so for 25 years and there is no book like this in the current canon of books on Jesus. Why? Because most Scripture scholars--many of whom will hate this book--insist that the gospels have little history in them and that we can know virtually nothing about the historical Jesus. Nonsense. And O'Reilly and company are here to prove the point. Disgarding the gospels as simply propaganda is the tool of atheists and secularlists. Of course the gospels aren't biographies or historical dissertations, but there is much that is historical in them. "Killing Jesus" is not a work of genius, it is a work of common sense. Normal folks are going to read this and say, Yes! It was probably a lot like this. This book does us such a favor , for in a time when Jesus is mocked and ridiculed, this book comes along with the true story of a man whom much of the world sees as God and tells us why he died and who did the killing. The authors stay away from theology but do not disparage Christianity's conclusion that in Jesus of Nazareth is the human face of God. Thanks Bill and Martin, thank you very much!